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Clarke rolled over, surprised to find the spot next to her empty. She pushed herself up and looked around for Lexa.

"Lexa" she called out. There was no response. So with a sigh Clarke got out of bed and got dressed. She headed to the throne room ready to give Lexa a peace of her mind. Honestly to wake up alone after sleeping together, how dare she.

As Clarke entered the throne room, all previous anger vanished at the sight before her. Lexa was walking around the room while she taught a bunch of children about what it means to be a commander. Her face was so peaceful, with a smile upon her lips and a twinkle in her eyes. The only time Clarke has seen Lexa with a look like that was when she was looking at her.

It didn't take long for Lexa to notice Clarke's presences. She ordered the children to continue their training as she walked over to Clarke.

"Good morning, Clarke"

"Morning Lexa, who are these kids?"

"Their Natblidas. Ones who can become the next commander. When they are found they are sent here for training"

"I see, so this is why you left alone this morning." Clarke turned her head to Lexa with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry Clarke but I had things to attend to and you looked so peaceful. I didn't want to disturb you."

"Well next time I expect a good morning kiss before you leave."

"Glad to know there will be a next time."

A blush covered Clarke's cheeks as she gave Lexa a shove. "Shut up"

Lexa let out a small laugh as she turned her attention back to the Natblidas.

"That's enough training for now, you may leave."

As the the Natblidas headed out Lexa called out to one to stay back.

"Clarke this is Aden. He is the most promising of the Natblidas. If I were to die he would likely succeed me."

"Hello Aden" Clarke reaches out her arm to him as she looks to Lexa.

"Its nice to meet you, but I hope its a many longs years before you become Heda."

"If I become Heda. It is nice to meet you as well." Aden says as her grabs Clarke's outstretched arm.

"That will be all Aden thank you." Aden bows his head to both Lexa and Clarke before leaving.

"He's like a mini you. How adorable."

Lexa turned to Clarke and raised her eyebrow, while Clarke just smiled at her.

"We are meeting the Clan leaders today, so I hope you are ready."

"I'm good to go, unless there is something I should be ready for."

"No, but I am making an announcement today and I'm sure it wont go over well, but no matter I will deal with it."

"Okay" Clarke gives Lexa a questioning look, after all that was a vague answer. "Shall we go then?"


After they finished their morning duties, they headed to were the meeting would take place. As they entered the room, all twelve clan leaders were already there waiting. Lexa took a seat at the head of the table and Clarke stood by her side. All eyes were on Clarke. She came dressed in her cloak, her hair tied back in her braids. But she was sure it was her furry friend that had everyone giving her questioning looks.

It was Nia, Queen of the Azgeda who voiced her thoughts first. "Why have you brought that Sky girl here."

"She is an ally of the Coalition and part of the reason I called this meeting with all the leaders instead of your ambassadors."

Nia chuckled softly "She is no ally, her and her people are nothing more then invaders that need to be taken care of."

Anger flared in Lexa's eyes. "I will hear no more of such talk. We fight for peace not war. The Skaikru are allies and will remain as such."

Lexa looked around the table daring anyone to question her.

"Now for the reason you all are here. As some of you may know the Trikru and the Skaikru have been working together. Learning and teaching each other. Things have been going well and there is a lot we can learn from them. To keep up the good relations with the Skaikru and to keep peace among the clans, they shall be initiated into the coalition as the thirteenth clan."

Whispers broke out among the clan leaders. Lexa waited for the whispers to slow before she spoke again.

"Clarke will be their ambassador and will travel to Camp Jaha to work out negotiations. Once that is complete she will return with their leader and we will hold the initiation ceremony."

Queen Nia stood from her chair "We will not accept this, the Skaikru have no right to be part of the coalition. They have brought nothing but death to our people since arriving on the ground. They should not be accepted simply because you favour this girl." Lexa jaw clenched at this and Nia just smiled as she continued. "You have become weak Heda."

Lexa stood from her chair and was about to respond but Clarke beat her to it.

"If I didn't know better I would say you fear my people Queen Nia."

The Queen turned her head as she narrowed her eyes at Clarke.

" I don't not fear such weak and foolish people"

"You are the fool if you truly believe my people to be weak. Or have you forgotten what we have been able to accomplish in our short time on the ground."

"I have not forgotten Wanheda. As I said you bring nothing but death to these lands."

"Enough." Lexa yelled gaining the attention of the table.

"I understand your concerns, but my decision is final. The Skaikru will make better friends then enemies. The goal of the coalition to to create and maintain peace, I will not start a senseless war because you feel threatened."

"I do not feel threatened."

"Then we have no problems. Have I made myself clear." Lexa looked to each leader waiting for them to nod in acknowledgement.

"Good. We shall discuss more at a later date. Enjoy the rest of your time in Polis."

Lexa rose from her chair and left the room with Clarke right behind her.|\\

They walked in silence until they reached Lexa's room.

"You could of told me what you were planing. This is a big deal."

"I know. I have been thinking this for a while, which is why I was so lenient with your plan. I needed to know your people were willing to work with us, without it benefiting them."

"Okay. I get that, but it still would of been nice to know before going into the meeting."

"I know and I'm sorry. I knew it might not go over well, especially with Nia, and I didn't want you on the defensive. You are better then you think under pressure. I was quite impressed with how you handled yourself against the Queen."

Clarke let out a sigh "You are changing the subject. You can't keep me in the dark Lexa. I understand you are the commander and you answer to no one, but I'm not no one. If we are going to make what ever this is between us work, then you need to be open with me. I need you to trust me."

"I do trust you Clarke. Do you trust me."

Lexa looks into Clarke's eyes and green meets blue. Clarke opens her mouth to answer, to say yes, but nothing comes out. Lexa walks closer to Clarke and lowers herself onto her knees as she looks up at Clarke.

"I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your needs as my own, and your people as my people."

Clarke just stares at Lexa, her heart bursting with love. Clarke reaches out her hand and helps Lexa stand. As Clarke looks into Lexa's eyes she sees them swirl with emotion. Pain, regret, love, and promise. And finally Clarke is whole again. The burden of a leader no longer weighs heavy on her shoulders, the harshness of the earth she has come to know, no longer seems so scary, and the pain in her heart no longer seems to exists. She knows the demons of her past will never really leave her, but with Lexa by her side she has a future that she can look forward to.

Clarke reaches her hand to the back of Lexa's neck and pulls her into a kiss. Its soft and gentle, conveying everything they are feeling in this moment. Clarke breaks the kiss and leans her forehead against Lexa's. As Clarke looks into Lexa's eyes she whispers to her "I trust you, fully and completely."
"AHHHHHHHHH! Clarke, please make them stop."

Clarke laughed on as she watch her furry friends chase Bellamy around. Clarke looked around a saw all her friends smiling. She was so happy that their talk went well. She was expecting her friends to be more resentful towards her, but they weren't. They were upset with her for leaving, but they understood why, and were happy to have her back. It will still take time, but Clarke prayed that the days could always be this enjoyable and peaceful.

It was getting late; Clarke said her goodbyes to the wolves and then headed back home with her friends.

"So have you guys been enjoying your time in TonDC?"

"Its been interesting for sure" Monty said with a smile.

"Ya I have quite enjoyed sharing my genius with your Grounder buddies" A smug smirk flashing across Ravens face, causing every one to roll their eyes.

"Right" Clarke said with a sigh "Well I was wondering if you guys would like to see more of the grounder culture. Lexa and I are heading to Polis in a few weeks and I would like for all of you to join us"

"That would be awesome. Lincoln has told me about it, and I would love to see it."

"What is Polis?" Monty inquired

With a smile Clarke replied, "It's their capitol, and it's very different from here. It will change the way you think about the Grounders"

Bellamy came up behind Clarke and gave her shoulder a squeeze.

"You have done a fine job of that yourself. The more time we spend with them, the more we realize we aren't so different."

"I'm happy to hear it. So that's a yes to coming then?"

Everyone gave Clarke a nod, with smiles on all their faces.

... 100 ... CLEXA ... 100 ... CLEXA ... 100 ...

"So how much further to Polis anyways?"

"We are about half a candle mark away. You will start to see the lands of the city soon."

Sure enough, after a few more minutes of riding the landscape started to change. The forest started to fade away and turn into miles and miles of rolling hills and lushes vegetation. Even with having been on the ground for months now, there was still so much they have yet to see.

"This is amazing"

"Ya Ravens right this is pretty amazing." Bellamy said with a huge smile on his face.

"I'm glad you think so. A few hours ride from here and you would arrive at the ocean. If we have time I will show you."

"That would be great Lexa thank you"

"Ya thanks commander" Raven yelled from the back.

It didn't take long for the group to reach the gates of Polis. They dismounted their horses and walked through the city. Everyone's eyes widened in excitement. As far as the eye could see there were houses, and the center of the city was littered with business stalls and people. There were so many different Grounders, some young some old, just living and enjoying their day. It was definitely different from what they were use to.

Lexa's heart swelled as she watched Clarke who had a look of pure bliss. Clarke looked over at Lexa and they locked eyes. Lexa didn't think it possible but Clarke's smile grew even wider, which caused Lexa to wear a smile of her own. Lexa motioned to Clarke and her friends to follow

"I will have some guards accompany you all on a tour once we are all settled in."

"Where exactly are we staying?"

Lexa looked over at Bellamy

"In the high tower. It's the home of the commanders."

"Your home is here. I thought you lived in TonDC."

"I only went to TonDC because I was needed at the time to deal with you Skaikru"

"Yet, you are still there"

Lexa smirked at Bellamy's comment, "Yes well I had my reasons."

Bellamy was about to ask more when Octavia came over and hit him on the arm, while mouthing for him to shut up. At the confused look on Bellamy's face, Octavia nodded her head towards Lexa and Clarke who seemed to be in a staring contest.

As they continued their walk towards the high tower, the others began to notice the amount of stares Lexa and Clare were getting. Some bowed in respect and others offered gifts, some even dared to pet Niami. Mostly, people thanked Clarke for what she did as they looked at her with awe. While Clarke has never been in Polis before, the story of the mountain and her new found strength has spread far reaching, far beyond the ears of Polis. The sight made Clarke's friends realize just how much she has changed for them and for herself.

It didn't take long before they made it to the high tower and got settled in. Everyone was quite impressed with the rooms. Much better then the tents they have been staying in. Lexa had some business to attend to, so she informed the others that the guards would be ready for whenever they wished to venture out. The whole group went out to the market place, but it didn't take long for Octavia to venture off with Lincoln saying she wanted a private tour. Bellamy tried to protest but Octavia just roller her eyes and walked away. They spent the rest of the afternoon poking around the market place. It wasn't until dinner that they all met up again.

Lexa made sure they had a large dinner waiting for them, knowing everyone would be tired and hungry from such a long day. There were so many different varieties of food, including different types of cheeses and fruits, that were so much better looking and tasting then anything they had on the ark, or on the ground for that matter.

It didn't take long to finish dinner and everyone retired to their rooms.

After returning to her room, Niami went to lie down on the furs at the end of the bed as Clarke took out the sketch book Lexa gave her. She headed towards the balcony and started drawing the beautiful city that lie before her. After some time, Clark heard a knock on her door. She opened the door revealing Lexa, who was dressed in more casual clothes rather then her armour.

"Hello Clarke."

"Hello Lexa." They stared at each other for some time until Lexa spoke again.

"I was wondering if you would accompany me for a walk?"

A smile graced Clarke's face. "I would love to"

Lexa lead Clarke down a beaten path that lead out of the main part of the city. As Clarke looked to the sky taking in the sparkling stars, she took solace in the calmness of the once bustling city.

"Do you miss it?"


"Living in space. Do you miss it?"

"At times, yes. Life may have been dull but it was simple and safe. Being down here..."

Clarke closed her eyes and took a breath

"There has been a lot of pain and struggle, but to be free on the ground, and to see the beauty it holds."

Clarke shakes her head and looks at Lexa as she takes her hand

"To be here with you. I would choose life on the ground every time."

A smile tugs at Lexa's lips and she leans down to place a soft kiss upon Clarke's lips.

"I glad you found happiness here. That's all I ever wanted for you, Clarke."

Clarke presses their foreheads together and squeezes Lexa's hand tighter. They stand like that for a while, no words needed. Lexa breaks their hold, but keeps her hand in Clarke's as they continue their walk.

Lexa brings Clarke to the top of a cliff that over looks the lands of Polis, lushes greens, trees, winding rivers, and rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

"This is amazing Lexa. It's so beautiful."

Lexa watched Clarke and her heart swelled at the look of adoration and wonder on her face.

"Not as beautiful as you"

A blush immediately covers Clarke's cheeks as she nudged Lexa's shoulder.

"Who knew the great commander could be such a sap"

"I do not know what a sap is, but I only speak the truth."

Clarke let out a laugh "You're adorable" She mumbled as she leaned up for a kiss.

Lexa smiled into the kiss as she placed her hands on Clarke's waist pulling her in closer. Clarke's hands find themselves tangled in Lexa's hair as she deepens the kiss, trailing her tongue along Lexa's bottom lip demanding entrance. Lexa grants Clarke access and she moans into the kiss, pulling their bodies impossibly closer. Clarke broke the kiss for air as Lexa placed kisses along her jaw and neck.

"Lexa" Clare rasped out. Lexa looked up with hooded eyes, seeing the same desire in Clarke's.

"Yes, Clarke" Lexa said with a smirk as she went back to placing kisses upon Clarke.

"I think..." Clarke was finding it increasingly hard to form a coherent thought.

"I think it would be better if we went somewhere more private."

"Oh" Lexa looked back at Clarke with hope in her eyes, not wanting to assume anything.

"Yes, I think your bed would do just fine"

A smile covered Lexa's face as she leaned in for one more kiss. "As you wish"
It's late afternoon and the sun is starting to set. All around fires are being lit as the Trikru start preparing for dinner. From the far end of the village the Skaikru head back from a hard day of training.

"Why is everything they do so intense?" Monty says as he stretches out his sore mussels.

"I mean even the studying part is a chore, and I use to like studying"

"Your telling me. Bae is yelling at me every five minutes for touching something. I mean you blow something up one time..."

"Try three times Raven" Wick says with chuckle "And it's only been a few weeks"

"Yeah well..." Raven lets out a sigh while the rest of the group shares a knowing look. "At least I'm not getting my ass kicked by Echo."

"Hey she's tough okay," Bellamy says as he sends a glare Raven's way

"I don't see Monroe having a problem," Monty chirps in.

Bellamy turns to Monty "Really you to?" Monty just shrugs in response.

"Guess there is just something about my brother that makes Echo get a little rough" Octavia says as her and Lincoln walk up to the group

"Don't start O."

"Oh come on Bell, she brings up a good point. What's going on with you two anyways?" Raven says as she wraps her arm around Bellamy's shoulders.

"What! Why would anything be going on" Bellamy spits out as his ears start to turn red. Monty walks up and pats Bellamy on the back

"Come on guys leave him alone"

Bellamy was about to tank Monty but he continued talking "Besides he will tell us about his little grounder crush when he's ready"

Bellamy just shakes off Monty's hand as he storms off muttering something that sounds a lot like "Bunch of asses". The rest of the group just chuckles as they follow him back to their tents.

"They seem to be getting along well"

"Yeah I'm glad its working out so well" Clarke says in a small voice.

Lexa turned to face Clarke "If you want to be with your friends again you need to tell them the truth Clarke"

"I know but I was hoping they would figure it out. Maybe they are happier without me"

"Or maybe they are waiting for you to come to them. It is you that left them Clarke"

Clare turned to look at Lexa. Blue eyes searching green.

"I know... I know" Clarke let out a sigh and turned her gaze to the sky.

"Maybe Polis will help you take your mind off things"

Clarke turned back to Lexa with a raised eyebrow

"We have a coalition meeting in a few weeks time and I would like for you to be there."

"At the meeting?" Lexa gave Clarke a small nod

"As what?"

"As the leader of your people Clarke. It is time the other clans knew that our alliance stands and that we stand by one another"

Once again, Clarke looks to the sky and closes her eyes for a moment. With a shaky breath she turns to Lexa "I think I would like that"

Lexa nods her head and looks back over at her people as a small smile appears on her face.

Octavia looks over the fire as she watches her two leaders. She watches as Clarke gives one last look her way before walking off with Niami. Octavia let out a frustrated sigh and looks back to her group of friends. "Everyone is being stupid," she thinks as Lincoln puts a reassuring arm around her. She leans into him before speaking up.

"Why are you guys doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Pretending that everything is normal, that were not missing something or should I say someone."

"Listen O, we did what we could, but obviously Clarke does not want to be found"

Octavia looked at her brother anger flashing in her eyes. "Your joking right? What do you guys think all this is?" Octavia says as she waves her hands all around "Do you really thing the commander is doing this out of the goodness of her heart?"

"Listen O..."

"No, I don't want to hear it Bell. All of you are so stubborn, including her, and that's coming from me. I know you guys figured out who's under that hood. I know you don't like that she left, but she has always been watching out for us, even when we couldn't see it."

Octavia stood up and motioned for Lincoln to follow her. She took a few steps then turned back to her friends "Just do me a favor and be ready at dawn tomorrow. There's something you guys should see"

With that Octavia and Lincoln went back to their tent. Everyone just looked at each other unsure of what to say, so they all decided to call it a night.

It didn't take long for morning to come. Clarke lay awake in her bed, just staring at the ceiling of her tent. She noticed Niami's head pop up and looked over just in time to see Lexa enter her tent.

"I'm surprised to see you're not up yet Clarke"

"Just wasn't feeling like it"

"Lying around won't help nothing Clarke. You should talk to your friends."

"I will, but later. You free to do some sparing this morning?"

Clarke started to rise from her bed to get ready for the day.

"Sha. I will leave you to get ready. I will meet you at the training grounds"

Clarke just nodded and Lexa went on her way. A few tents down Octavia lay waiting. Once she saw Clarke leave the tent she made her way to their friends. It's time they saw who Clarke has become.

Clarke made her way to the training grounds and found Lexa already warming up. While Clarke came out every morning to train she has only had the chance to spare with Lexa a hand full of times. When it comes to sword combat Lexa had her beat, but when it comes down to hand on hand combat they are on even ground. The Trikru may have been trained to fight from the time they were a child, but Clarke fights in a way that none of them have seen before. Even though they have years of experience on her, Clarke still wins all her fights. But she has yet to beat Lexa. Her speed and agility is far better then any of her other warriors and she reads her opponents well. So even with her odd fighting style Clarke has yet to beat Lexa. She hasn't lost either. They always burn out before one of them can beat the other. Today Clarke was feeling rather aggressive so she felt good about her chances.

"So ready to get your ass kicked commander."

"It's not wise to taunt your opponents Clarke"

"Awww your just saying that because your scared"

"There is nothing to fear from you so why would I be scared"

"You know, because I'm going to beat you and you don't want to look bad."

"You are a worthy opponent Clarke. Even if you did manage to beat me I would not consider it looking bad"

"Your so serious all the time, you know that. Relax let's have some fun."

"We do not train for sport Clarke, we train to survive..."

"Okay okay. Then lets have a very serious fight. You ready?"

"Of course. It is you that we were waiting on."

"Really? Whatever." Clarke huffs as she walks over to a near by bench to lay her stuff down. Little did she know Lexa was standing behind her with a smirk on her face.

"Where are we going Octavia?"

"Relax Raven were almost there."

By the time Octavia and her friends reached the training grounds Clarke and Lexa were already sparing.

"Holy shit is that Clarke?" Raven looks to Octavia

"Fighting Lexa?" Bellamy adds in


Monty walks a little closer to the grounds "Is Clarke going to be okay?"

A smile forms on Octavia's face "Just watch and see. Maybe then you guys will understand what I meant."

Everyone looks around and then follows Octavia's lead as she takes a seat.

Clarke runs at Lexa throwing a punch at her face. As Lexa goes to side step it Clarke starts to twirl and swoop down landing an elbow to Lexa's side. She stumbles back, but quickly recovers and aims a kick to Clarke's head. Clarke rolls away and jumps back to her feet. They start to circle each other, waiting for the other to strike. Lexa slowly inches closer to Clarke and once close enough she starts attacking with a verity of kicks and punches. Clarke returns the attack with her own combos. Each of them go back and forth landing hits and dodging attacks.

After some time they break away from each other, panting as sweat trickles down their backs. Today was shaping up to be like every other day. A draw. No, Clarke wasn't having any of that. Slowly she approached Lexa throwing out a few lazy punches to gauge Lexa's reaction time. After a few minutes, Clarke stepped forward spinning around bringing her leg up for a back kick. Lexa spun around the attack and went to throw a punch but not before Clarke pivoted and tackled Lexa to the ground. Lexa instantly brought up her arms to block Clarke's attacks, but to her surprise nothing came. Instead, Lexa let out a shriek as Clarke started to tickle her sides.

Lexa tried to attack back but it was too difficult as she kept one hand over her mouth trying to contain her laughter.

"Give up commander"

Lexa stairs directly into Clarke's eyes, gleaming with happiness, and savors the warmth that spreads through her at the sight. Lexa finally drops her guard and lets out a laugh


Lexa lifts her hips and flips them over with ease. Clarke lets out a yelp as she lands on her back, both hands now pinned above her head by Lexa.

"Seems the win is mine prisa"

"You wish commander"

Clarke lifts her legs up and pins them around Lexa's as she thrust her hips into her. Lexa's breath hitches and brings one hand down to steady herself. Clarke is able to free one hand and brings it up to trace Lexa's jaw line as she watches her breath quicken and eyes dilate.

"Clarke" Lexa rasps out. A smirk crosses Clark's face

"Yes Commander"

"I wouldn't tempt me, unless you'd rather put on a show for your friends" Clarke let out a laugh at Lexa's antics.

"Not today, but maybe another" she says with a wink "Now get off me" Lexa raises an eyebrow and rolls off Clarke.

"I'll remember that Clarke" Lexa says with a low tone as she walks off leaving Clarke to her thoughts and blushing cheeks.

"Well, that was intense."

"That was more then intense Bell, that was hot." Raven turns her attention to Octavia "Brought us out for a show, did ya?"

"No Raven. I brought you to watch the fight. That last part was... new."

"Well that's the understatement of the century. When did they get so close?"

"Wow okay relax Bell. It's complicated okay. You will need to talk to Clarke about that one"

"So about Clarke..." Monty pipes in.

"Right. I just wanted you guys to see how Clarke has changed. There are very few that can match Lexa when sparing and she wasn't holding back against Clarke. When she was gone she learned a lot. Fighting just one thing amongst many. More importantly, she learned how to become stronger inside and out so that she would no longer need to sacrifice others in order to save us. You think she left us but she didn't. We were always in her heart, and she was watching over us from the shadows."

Raven stretched out her leg and looked to the sky. "But why hid from us?"

"I don't know, you will need to ask her for yourself. All I know is that you guys need to stop looking back and just move forward."

"Wow seems like my little sis is growing up. I don't know if I like that"

"I grew up along time ago Bell, you just didn't want to see it" Octavia stood up and started walking towards Clarke. She stopped after a few feet and turned to her friends. "Well are you coming or not?"

By the time the group started heading towards Clarke, she was already dressed back into her cloak and belts. She was playing with Niami's ears nervously. During sparing she noticed her friends came to watch but stayed concentrated on her fight. Now that it was time to face her friends, she didn't know what she would say. She just hoped they could forgive her.

She looked up as she heard Octavia's voice

"Hey Clarke, nice fight."

"Thanks O." Clarke took a look at all her friends and gave a small wave "Hey guys"

When no one really responded she let out a sigh. "Looks like we have a lot to talk about"



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well world. i finally posted the first chapter to my fan fiction for the 100 AKA Clexa……

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