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A lone figure sat perched upon a rooftop, nestling into its feathers as a strong wind blew throughout the village. All was quiet as many of the villagers have retired for the night. The only sound that could be heard was the foot steps of a girl lost in thought.  She was lost in her pain caused by others, pain she caused herself, and lost in a future she could no longer invasion. So lost she could not see she was leading her self down the wrong path, a path that would only lead to pain and destruction to herself and all those that surround her.

Not ready to see her story end, the lone figure swoops down from its perch and towards the moon, causing Eva to look up at the sky before her. Only then does Eva notice the light from the house just behind her and the faint laughter from within. Curious of the sounds Eva opens the door and enters her new home.

Gliding down from the sky the bird settles onto a new rooftop, watching for any intruders as he listens to the voices from within. Voices full of anger, then sadness, understanding then forgiveness. Voices full of questions and explanations, apologies and promises.  Together the voices both old and new make plans to fix their mistakes and head towards a brighter future. Satisfied with the new path they now follow the bird stretches out his wings and lets out a screech as he flies out into the night sky.

Clarke sits alone with Niami out in her garden staring up at the moon. She knows she should be getting some rest but her heart races and her skin tingles at the thought of what tomorrow brings. At first light Clarke will be heading out along with Octavia, Raven and about twenty of her finest guards. She wanted o go after Lexa right away, but Octavia convinced her other wise, saying they wouldn't have enough time before dark to track them, but they would leave at first light. Reluctantly Clarke agreed knowing it really was best, but that couldn't stop her mind from wondering. She prayed that Lexa and her friends were okay. She prayed she would make it in time. She prayed that her failure to her people wouldn't cause a war.

She sighed as she scratched Niami's ears, wondering how she could truly be so blind. Clarke locked her eyes on the stars above her as she spoke.
“I promise I will be better, do better. I promise to have peace and justice throughout the lands, from the biggest of clans to the smallest of villages. I promise to see beyond these walls and fight for all my people, no matter who they are. I promise.”

As Clarke spoke her last words a shadow crossed her field of vision. Looking in front of her she saw a Hawk perched upon the fence, glowing in the moon light. As she looked into his eyes her gut tightened and a panic rose within her. The Hawk titled his head to the side, almost as if he was studding the Commander.

Noticing the change in Clarke, Niami rose making its way towards the intruder. The two creatures stared at each other, studying each other. After what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, Niami turned back to Clarke. One look from Niami and Clarke knew, she knew it was time. Jumping up from where she sat, Clarke ran towards her room as she told Nimai to get the others. It wasn't long before they all met up at the stables.

“Clarke whats going on?” Asked a slightly out of breath Octavia.
“Ya, why the hell did you wake me from my beauty sleep?” Raven rasped out as she held back a yawn.
Wasting no time Clarke climbed onto her horse.
“We need to go now, Lexa's in danger.”
“Wha? How?”
“No time to explain, I just know she is and we need to go?”
“Okay, but go where. We don't know where she went?”

Just then a screech was heard over head as the Hawk from the garden flew over head. A smile crossed Clarke's face as she raced off after the bird, yelling back to her friends “Just follow me.”

They rode all through the night, reaching the village on the outskirts just before dawn. As she neared the village Clarke picked up speed, seeing Lexa again being the only thought running through her mind. In her haste Clarke failed to notice the glimmer of the string layed out before her. It wasn't until she went flying through the air as her horse fell to the ground that she realized something was wrong.

She landed with a loud crack, and could hear her friends calling her name, but it was if everything was a haze. When she finally managed to open her eyes she was met with sparking emerald eyes. Clarke reached out and caressed Lexa's cheek as she spoke “Are you an angel sent to take me to heaven?”

Laughter could be heard in the back ground as a blush crossed Lexa's cheeks.
“No you are very much alive and I need you to stay that way.”
Clarke nodded, rubbing the back of her head as she sat up.
“I missed you.”
“It hasn't even been a day Clarke.”
“If you to lovebirds are done can we move please.”

Both Clarke and Lexa snapped out of their little moment. Standing up Lexa reached out her hand to help Clarke off the ground.
“You guys will need to walk your horses from here, we have traps set up all around the village.”
“Yes. We have spent the last few hours setting them up.”
“In hopes of what, causing chaos.”
Lincoln laughed from behind Octavia. “Actually that's part of the plan.”
“What plan?”
“Really Clarke. I told you we would take care of it. We know what we are doing.”
“ I know you guys have skills but this will be against a large group of people, just cant just trip them all.”

Lexa just let out a sigh. The sun was starting to rise, they were all tired and running out of time. But before Lexa could respond a horn was sounded in the distance. Seems like they weren't the only ones busy last night.
“We need to move now!”
everyone gathered themselves and got ready to move out, but it was to late. The small army of about 50 was already at the from of the village. There was no where to hide now, and of course it took them all of two second to recognize the Commander.

One man walked ahead of the army. A smirk playing on his lips.
“Thank you for coming to us Commander. That makes our job all the more easy.”
Facing the man, Clarke spoke. “Please you don't need to do this. We can talk it out.”
“It's to late for that now Commander. You had your chance to listen and choose to ignore us. Now you will pay. ATTACK!”

Before Clarke could udder another work the army charge straight for them. Lexa grabbed Clarke and shouted some orders. It was one thing to take down a calm unsuspecting group of people, it was another to take down a small army in attack mode. It didn't take long for chaos to ensue. Traps were going off all over the place, but with weapons at the ready and anger in their hearts, it wasn't enough to stop them.  

Soon there was clashing of metal and the cries of war. While the village army out numbered them, a few of their members, Lexa included, were more skilled at fighting, and with the traps slowing a few down the odds were in their favor. That was until they notice one member of the army climb up a tree with a forbidden weapon. It was a gun. Guns were locked up and outlawed over fifty years ago so no one clan could hold a superior weapon over another clan. Lexa called to Anya and Lincoln who flanked her on both sides to go after the man. But it was to late.

Bangs echoed through the air as the first few shots went off. Many froze on both sides. Seems like even the village army wasn't aware of the power they carried. Many people scrambled but the fight waged on. Lexa's only concern was to find Clarke, after all she knew those precious bullets were meant for her.

Raven's head shot up at sound of the gun. Impossible. She had no idea how they possibly got their hand on a gun. Didn't matter, two could play this game. Bringing her attention back to the person in front of her, she realized her was still distracted by the gun shot, so with all her strength she punched him straight in the face knocking him out cold. Raven then ran over to her horse and grabbed a few things out of her saddle bag before taking off in the direction of the gunman. After all he wasn't the only one who could make a bang.

It didn't take long for Raven to figure out where the gunman was hidden, but she also wasn't careful.  By the time she was close enough to throw her hand held bomb, the gunman spotted her and shot. The bullet went into her left leg and she cried out in pain. Anya who was also on her way to get the gunman heard Raven's cry. Turning her head she watched as Raven fell to the ground.

Anya called out her name as she ran towards her. Raven looked up at the sound of her name and her heart fell to her stomach. Raven sat there motionless as time slowed down before her eyes. She watched as the bullet flew through the sky. She watched as it hit its target and ripped through Anya's body, jerking her forward with the force. She watched as Anya fell motionless to the floor.

As her eyes filled with tears Raven opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. As she tried to regain her breathing and sharp pain ripped through her body as the world went black. Her eyes open and she takes a deep breath. She fells ill but keeps walking on what seems to be a bridge. She looks up and sees Anya sitting upon a horse with a young girl by her side. She tries to speak to call out to her, but once again her words fail her. Dropping her head raven notices she has a makeshift bomb in hand.

Panic runs trough her as she realizes whats about to happen. Raven looks to Anya again and gets up trying to reach her. Only she is being pulled away and once again is left to watch motionless as the bridge blows up in front of her. Once the smoke clears Raven takes a deep breath as she opens her eyes. Only this time shes in some ship. She looks out the door and sees Anya. She sighs in relief, but its short lived as she realizes that shes paralyzed on the floor and Anya is marching towards her with a group of warriors.

Once again panic runs through Raven as she realizes whats about to happen. The warriors are about to be burnt. But not her Anya, no she manages to make it on to the ship, but only to be knocked out and beaten. Raven wants to help to stop the fighting but she paralyzed. Looking down she realizes why. Shes been shot and shes bleeding. It wasn't long before she blacked out.  

Opening eyes Raven was met with twinkling stars. A smile smile appeared as she took in the beauty of it all. Taking in the sight around her, Raven realized she was in some camp and was limping her was towards the fence. Looking down she noticed her leg in some kind of brace. It hurt a lot but that wasn't going to stop her. Once she reached the fence she looked out into the forest the surrounded them.

Hearing a commotion beside her she looked off into the distance noticing two people walking toward the camp. It took her all of two seconds to realize that one of them was Anya. She looked dirty and hurt but she was safe. She watched on as Anya looked toward the camp then started walking away. Raven started to head in her direction, not wanting to lose her again, but before she even took a step a gun shot rang out, and she watch motionless as time slowed down before her eyes. She watched as the bullet flew through the sky. She watched as it hit its target and ripped through Anya's body, jerking her forward with the force. She watched as Anya fell motionless to the floor.

This time when Raven let out her scream it echoed loud and clear. This time she squeezed her eyes shut praying that the pain would just go away. All these flashes of another life only lasted a few moments, yet it was enough pain to last a life time. She wondered how one could live in such pain. Soon it all became to much and Raven blacked out again. When Raven opens her eyes again she will be back in the present, but she will still be motionless and Anya will still be lying on the floor.

Octavia was backing up slowly as three villagers surrounded her. At the sound of the gun shot, all three villagers looked to wear the sound came from, shock written all over their faces. Using the distraction to her advantage, Octavia swiftly took out all three villagers and tied them up for good measure. Once finished she took off in the direction of the gun shot. She knew they would be after Clarke and need to get to the gunman fast.

As she was running a few more shots went off, and she notice a few of her guards go down. She was about to head over and help them, but notice someone beat her to it. Even from a distance she would recognize him anywhere. It was Lincoln. She picked up her speed trying to reach Lincoln faster but due to the gun shots a group of people, guards and villagers alike, swarmed her. Pushing threw the people she was able to peak her head out in time to watch as a bullet hit Lincoln. Before she could get a good look her vision was once again blocked by the group of people.

Fear ran threw her. She wasn't a hundred percent sure where the bullet hit, but she knows the was a spray of blood and she knows it was near his head. She just preyed that it wasn't his head or anywhere serious for that matter. She pushed back against the people, but there were so many of them that they over powered her and she fell to the ground. The air was knocked out of her and she struggled not only to breath but to avoid being stepped on as well. The struggle became to much and she passed out.

As she takes breath her eyes shoot open. Its dark but there is a flicker of light bouncing off the walls. Looking around she spots Lincoln. Shes sore and tired, but oh so happy to see him alive and well. Her smile soon fades as another man enters the cave. Hes tall with dark curly hair. Octavia feels like she should recognize him, but its as if he has become nothing more then a stranger to her. She jumps into action the the curly hair boy starts to fight Lincoln, only to be knocked down but their struggling.

When she opens her eyes again she out in the open on some old bridge. She hears a sound and turns around to see Lincoln walking towards her. But before she can reach him there are arrows flying towards them. Octavia runs to Lincoln but an arrow come her way, before she is hit Lincoln takes the arrow the force knocking them both back landing hard on the bridge.

Octavia blinks and is surrounded by a group of people as Lincoln lies lifeless on the floor. She hovers over him pushing repeatingly on his chest, tears falling down her cheeks. She closes her eyes and takes in a shaky breath. When she opens them again shes on a hill top looking over a muddy clearing. As she looks down below her she sees Lincoln being waked out, hands chained and bound, by another man. The man pushes Lincoln to his knees as he speaks to him. As the man raises his gun, Lincoln looks towards the sky and whispers “May we meet again”.

She knows he cannot see her, but its as if he knows shes there. Tears well in her eyes as a bang echos threw her ears. She wants to scream, to cry, but she doesn't. She holds it all back. Anger rushes threw her. Time and time again he risked his life for her, and this time was no different. Shes feels it all at once. Every moment she thought she lost him, every moment of despair. She wishes to be strong but the pain is to much to bear and she blacks out once again.

When Octavia opens her eyes again she will be back in the present, still gasping for air, still struggling against the feet that try and trample her, still fighting to reach the man she loves.

Clarke is surrounded. Villagers are coming at her at all sides, but thanks to Nimai they have yet to come in close. One by one she attacks, knocking them out as Nimai guards her back. She can hear gun shots in the distance, but she can let that distract her. All she can do is pray that everyone is okay.

Clarke sighs in relief when she finally takes out the last villager. Looking around she sees more people coming her way. Slowly she takes her fighting stance as a sadness washes over her. She became Commander so she could help her people. She always thought she would become a doctor like her mom, and was well one her way to doing so, but it seemed fate had a different idea.

Things between clans were getting tense, and one dispute actually broke out into a fight, but with some smart thinking and quick action Clarke was able to resolve it. She was already well liked and respected, and being able to put some stubborn men back into their place only showed how strong or a leader she could be. Gone where the days when nightbloods had to kill each other to become Commander. Now the Commander where chosen by the people.

Clarke was chosen to lead them, care for them, and now she has failed them. Now her people wished for her end. She knows the action of a few are not the wishes of all her people, but to know they are willing to go this far. To start a war with forbidden weapons. Clarke shook her head. What ever the reasons, all she could do now is survive today and fight for a better tomorrow.

As Clarke was about to attack she saw a flash of green as a gun shot rang out. Clarke screamed in horror as Lexa's body jerked forward crashing on top of Clarke. Lexa and Clarke fell to the ground and Clarke let out a grunt as pain shot threw her body and stars filled her eyes. Clarke tried to clam her breathing and squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the pain to subside.

From a distance she could hear laughter. The longer she layed there the louder the laughter became. It didn't take her long to realize the laughter was now coming from her. She was sitting with her mom and day watching something on some box. It was her body that was moving and laughing, she could feel, see, and hear, but it was if it wasn't her at all. Clarke looked behind her as she hear a voice. There was no one there, but it was if the voice was whispering in her ear.

“I was wrong Clarke.”
That voice, she knew that voice. As her mom got up from the couch and went into another room, the voice spoke once more.
“Your heart shows no signs of weakness.”
Clarke had no time to figure out what the voice was trying to say as a group of men with guns burst into her home and pulled her father and herself out of their home. Clarke struggles trying to break free, yelling as she reaches for her father. But its no use, as she reaches out one of the men knock her out.

Opening her eyes she takes a breath. Shes in forest now. Once again the voice whispers in her ear.
“You could be a leader your people look to, pour their hopes and dreams into.”
Just as the voice stops speaking, Clarke hears her name being called out. She turns and sees a young woman with braids in her hair and a sword on her back. Shes about to walk over to her as her name is called out again. Turning once more, she finds another young woman with a ponytail and a red jacket. Again and again her name is called out. Now there's and Asian boy and another boy with googles on his head.

The voice speaks again as she turns, spotting a young man with dark curly hair, and another guy with long brown floppy hair.
“Someone they would fight and die for.”
Clarke stands there as she watches the one guy walk off towards a group of warriors and the other towards a mountain. Clarke wants to after them, to tell them shes sorry, to ask them to stay, but shes knows she cant. Looking around she realizes shes all alone. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, willing the pain to go away.

“You where born for this Clarke, same as me.”
Clarke lets out a sigh as she opens her eyes. As she looks out in front of her all she can see is water.
“So what do we do now?” A mans voice asks.
Clarke looks to her left and sees three pairs of expecting eyes looking back at her. Clarke feels a shiver run through her. How can these people expect so much from her when shes just as lost as they are.

Clarke clenches her fists, and takes a step forward only to enter some kind of tent. Then she hears it loud and clear. The voice that has been whispering to her. How could she forget that voice. How could she forget her.
“So your the one who burned three hundred of my warriors alive.”
Clarke took in a shaky breath. Only this time it was not due to fear or pain, it was due to arousal. Those plump lips, chiseled jaw line, and striking green eyes were alluring enough before. But add that war paint, commanding aura, and a knife, and Clarke was at a loss of words. Well almost.

“Your the one who sent them there to kill us.”
Lexa stood from her throne and walked towards Clarke.
“Well do you have an answer for us Clarke of the sky people.”
The way Lexa said her name set a shiver down her spine, and Clarke had to close her eyes in order to calm herself.

A loud bang caused Clarke's eyes to shoot open. She was no longer in a tent but some dingy room. Clarke's heart was beating loudly within her chest as the banging was getting louder.
“It found us.”
“Don't be afraid Clarke, death is not the end.”
Death. No way in hell. No here not like this. She can't lose Lexa.
“We are not dying here. I need your spirit to stay where it is.”
Clarke pulled Lexa toward the door, waiting for the right moment. When the time came Clarke pulled the sword off the door letting the best fall into the room while her and Lexa ran out the door.

Once Clarke was through the door she realized she was now standing out side the mountain surround by gun fire and warriors. A million thoughts ran through Clarke's head. This moment seemed all to familiar, as if she was just living it, and is now living it again, but differently. All Clarke knew was that she was extremely confused and Lexa was missing.

“Stand down”
Lexa. It was Lexa. Shes safe, shes alive. Clarke lets out a sigh of relief. But it doesn't last long. Something wrong, so very wrong.
“What did you do?”
“I'm sorry Clarke I made this decision with my head not my heart.”
No, no, no. how could Lexa do this to her. She would never betray her. She would never leave her. It couldn't be real.
“Please don't do this”
But Lexa didn't budge, she just stared at her with empty eyes.
“May we meet again.” She whispered as she walked away.

Clarke made her way through the crowd of people still making there way back home. She refused to walk away. To let Lexa leave like this. She would not back down. Finally she made her way through the crowd and ended up at an arena of sorts. The roar of the people around her cause Clarke to look up.
Blue meet green and everything stood still for a moment. Anger still ran through her, but seeing Lexa again, knowing she was about to put everything on the line, how could she not be her for her. She cared for Lexa, and prayed she is as strong as she made her self out to be.

Lexa's voice cuts through her thoughts.
“I'm glad you came.”
Clarke nodded her head. “Me too.”
Clarke's eyes widen in fear as Lexa's opponent came rushing at her, and sighed in relief when Lexa easily dodged the attack.

Clarke's body tingled and her hands stayed clenched through the whole fight. Her eyes never once leaving Lexa. It didn't take long for fear to wash over her as she watched the man kick Lexa to the ground. Lexa layed there helpless as the man raised his spear to end her. How can this be. After everything they have been through, this is how she would lose Lexa. No Clarke refused to believe it. Lexa wouldn't give up, she would fight until her very last breath. She was strong. She would win.

Of course Lexa did just that. As the spear came down she dodged it, layed on attack after attack, and within moments had the man lying at her feet. But Lexa had no anger towards the man before her, so she killed the one she did hate. She killed the queen. As the crowd cheered and chanted, Clarke let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding. A while she didn't want to take her eyes of Lexa of even a second, she knew it was time so she closed her eyes, praying for a happy ending.

When Clarke opened her eyes she stood in a room full of candles, looking for Lexa. All Clarke knew was that she had to leave and she needed to see Lexa. It didn't take long to find her. When her eyes fell upon Lexa she couldn't help but admire her beauty.

“Maybe one day you and I will owe nothing more to our people.”
As the words left Clarke's mouth she was left with an ache in her heart. Its as if somewhere before, or maybe someday yet to come, she will once again wish for these words to be true. Wish for nothing to stand in the way of her love. Clarke felt a smile form at that word. Yes she loved Lexa with everything she had. Clarke knew it was possible to love others, but she knew she would never love anyone the way she loves Lexa. Not in this life time or any other.

“I hope so.”
Lexa's words snapped Clarke out of her thoughts. As their arms clasped, a heat ran through Clarke and her heart pounded in her chest. While she knew she would have to leave she couldn't help her urge to kiss Lexa, and so she did. She kissed with longing and passion, desperation and fear. But most of all she kissed Lexa with love pouring all her feelings into to her as they feel into bed.

When she woke up from her bliss she was surrounded with chaos. The sound of the vase shattering behind her caused her to run. Some crazy bald guy was shooting at her and she needed to get away. Just as she was nearing the door it opened and the figure in the door grabbed at her abdomen. Clarke's eyes widened in realization. Lexa, it was Lexa. And blood. A lot of blood. Clarke caught Lexa as she collapsed in front of her. Again Clarke had a feeling this has happened before, or is happen, but just not her. But Clarke didn't have time to dwell on these thoughts, because Lexa was dying in her arms.

“Its okay, you'll be okay.”
Clarke didn't know what to do, she was losing to much blood.
“Don't be afraid Clarke.”
Of course. Even in death Lexa was more worried about Clarke then herself.
“I will help you, just stay with me”
Please don't leave me ran through Clarke's head.
“My fight is over.”
“No, no I won't accept that.”
Clarke was fighting the urge to cry. She just got her back, why did she have to lose her.
“You were right Clarke, life is about more then just surviving.”

Of course it was. It was about living, laughing, loving. It was about peace, prosperity, and kindness. It was about enjoying the life you have rather then regretting it. Clarke knows this. Shes live this. But not her, not yet. And it would seem along the way she lost sight of that, not only for herself, but for others as well. Clarke stared into Lexa's dying eyes and said the only thing she could think of.

“In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels. Until our final journey on the ground. May we met again.”
As Lexa took her final breath, Clarke leaned down to give her one last kiss. When she pulled back from the kiss Clarke placed their foreheads together and closed her eyes. As the world faded to black Clarke whispered out into the nothingness.
“Lexa, I love you.”
Once again a voice spoke
“I'll always be with you.”

Slowly the sounds in the distance became louder and louder. Her head was fuzzy and in pain and her chest felt heavy. Moving hear hands she soon realized the heaviness was from a body. Clarke's eyes shot open. Lexa. Slowly she pushed Lexa's body off of her and check for the wound. Pulling open her shirt she found that the bullet hit her right in the abdomen.

Ripping off some of her own shirt she stuffed the wound with the peaces. She knew it wasn't enough. Looking around she realized they weren't that far from where the horses where, and Clarke was hoping there was something in the saddle bags that could help them. Looking to Nimai she motion the the horses. “Go.” and without a second thought Niami ran off.

“Clarke.” The words left Lexa's mouth in no more then a raspy whisper. Clarke's head shot up and she saw green staring back at her. Clarke felt instant relief. Lexa was still conscious which was a good sign.
“Its okay, you'll be okay.” Clarke whispered. As soon as the words left her mouth she felt a stabbing pain in her head. Almost as if she was forgetting something.

Soon after Niami returned with a horse and following behind them was Lincoln and Octavia. Clarke could see the worry in her eyes as Octavia called out to her.
“Don't worry I'm fine, but Lexa.... she...”
“Don't worry I got her” Lincoln said as he place a gentle hand on Clarke's shoulder. Looking up from Lexa she realized Lincoln was hurt.
“Lincoln your arm.”
“Don't worry I'm okay. Got shot near the shoulder, but the bullet didn't hit anything important.”
“Glad to hear it.” Then Clarke's eyes widened in concern. “Raven, Anya. Are they Okay.”
Lincoln and Octavia just shared a look.
“Raven is with Anya. Raven was hit in the leg, shes fine but her leg not so much.”
Lincoln took over “As for Anya, she was also hit in the side. As of now shes better then Lexa. Eva and Zedd are looking after them both.”
“Okay, that's good. I think. Anyways, think you can help me her Lincoln.”
“Ya, shouldn't be a problem, I help out in the health center in my village.”
“Okay, great. Octavia keep guard. Lincoln, we need to get the bullet out.”

Together they worked in silence, and after what seemed like hours, but was no more then half an hour, Lexa was out of the danger zone. She still need to be patched up and rested but she should live. Of course the relief was short lived as Octavia called out to her. When working on Lexa, Octavia had to take out a few more people but nothing to bad. Now. Now it was just eerily quiet.

Realizing Octavia's concern, Clarke got up and looked around. There where a few bodies scattered on the ground, and the rest, well Clarke figured they were either injured or hiding. Guns were a weapon of fear and it did its job well.
“Commander.” a voice shouted.
Turning around she was faced with the same man who started this whole attack, and behind him stood what was left of his warriors. They were only around eight, but with Lexa injured they were greatly out numbered.

Not wishing for anyone to get hurt because of her, she headed towards the man. Octavia went to follow but Clarke commander her to stay. As she neared the man she could see the smirk on his face.
“Giving up oh great Commander.”
“No?” The mans smirked turned into a frown as his brows furrowed in anger.
“No. I came to apologize.”
the man before her burst out in laughter. “It's a little late for that now Commander.”
“My name is Clarke.”
The man just stared at Clarke not sure how to respond.

Looking past the man and to the people that followed him, Clarke began to speak.
“I'm sorry I couldn't see past my own walls. I'm sorry I couldn't hear your cries of help. I'm sorry I was more concerned with the well being of the clans and their leaders, rather then the people themselves. I'm sorry I was naive enough to think that just because we had peace among the clans, that meant there was no suffering. But most of all I'm sorry I failed you.”

Clarke took a deep breath before continuing.
“I promise you a better future. Once where I see you and hear the problems you have. One where I make sure that all my people and their villages are happy, safe, and prosperous. I'm not sure where to start but I guarantee that I will make a difference. With the help of everyone, I know we can make a better future. One that is more then just surviving.”
Once again Clarke felt like she was forgetting something as a pain shot through her heart.

“Lies!” The man shouted.
“It's to late for apologizes and false promises.”
Clarke felt more confident at the mans words, for it seemed that the others no longer carried the same hatred as he did.
“No lies, no false promises. I know I cannot take back the past, but I never wanted this. All I ever wanted was peace, not fighting and death. I realize that I lost my way, but my goal still hasn't changed. I will never apologize for wanting peace, but I do promise I will do a better job in obtaining it for all my people. You included.”

“Enough. I will not be fooled. ATTACK!”
No one moved. As the man looked back at his people he saw their resolve gone. No longer where they with him. He looked back at the commander, anger still present in his eyes, and charged. Clarke readied herself but the attack never came. The villagers that were once following the man turned on him and held him back. The man fought back as hard as he could, but eventually got knocked out.

Clarke walked up to the group of  people and looked down towards the man.
“Whats his name?”
The villages looked at each other before answering. “Donavin”
“And why is  Donavin hatred so strong?”
“We are different then others. We have deformities, and to find people who can see us for more then what we look like is hard. Which is why we made our own village. But Donavin was different. He found love, got married, had a family. But there was raider sightings near by, and one night his house was attacked. He was the only one to survive. The village chief at the time went to go talk to you about the raiders, but he was told you were to busy in clan meeting and to come back at another time. Well..”

“Another time was to late for Donavin.” Clarke guessed and the villages nodded their heads.
“I understand why my apologizes where not enough for him.”
Thinking on what to do she called Octavia over and asked her to bring Donavin back to Polis.
“I understand that I was negligent and I stand by what I said earlier, but that does not make what happen her okay. There will be punishments suitable to your crimes, but do not worry I will not condemn you.”

Once the villages nodded their heads in understanding, Clarke returned to Lexa's side. Along the way she gave out orders and made sure the living and the dead made a safe return to Polis.
Eva raced through the woods, her body trembling with excitement. She would warn Lexa, who in turn will warn the commander. Then the commander will just send her general and so called warriors to shut the village down. Then Lexa will see with her own eyes the type of person their commander is, and Eva will be the one who stopped the senseless fight. Her friends will see that they belong in the village doing what they do best. Protect their people.

After a few hours the village came into sight. Eva quickly jumped of the horse and tied him up before running off to find Lexa. She just hoped Lexa wouldn't be to upset about her running off. As she neared Lexa's tent she saw a flash of blond. Getting closer she realized it was the commander. She was with Lexa, laughing away as they played with the children, acting as if she cared, as if she belonged.

Eva shook her head and tried to calm herself as she approached them. She was standing in front of them but neither seemed to noticed so she called to Lexa. Turning her head Lexa greeted her.

"Hey Eva, where have you been? I went by your tent earlier but didn't see you."

"Did you go looking for me?"

"Not really. I wanted to properly introduce you to Clarke and figured you show up at one point, and here you are."

Eva's brows furrowed in anger "And if I didn't show up?"

"Hun. I don't know guess I would of introduced you guys later. Everything okay? You're acting weird."

"I'm acting weird!" Eva shouted. Here were all her friends running off to the big city and changing the way they did things, yet she thought Eva was the weird one. How could the commander have such control over Lexa in such a short amount of time.

"Why are you yelling?" Lexa asked with a clenched jaw.

"I'm yelling because I'm pissed. All of you abandoned me to follow your heart straight to your new life, so I left. I only came back to warn you, to warn her." Eva sneered as she turned her attention to Clarke. The anger in her voice turning to sadness as she spoke.

"But it would seem you are doing fine. My absence wasn't even noticed. Guess I didn't mean much to you after all."

"Eva that's not true." Lexa reached out to Eva but she pulled away, her gaze never leaving Clarke.

"It wasn't enough that you got to live your happy life as us little guys struggled to survive. It wasn't enough as you stood by in ignorance as your own people were cast out. No you had to personally come into my life and destroy that as well."

Lexa stood there dejected as Clarke just stammered not sure what to say. A small smile played on Eva's lips as she turned to leave.

"You will get whats coming commander. Your people are angry and they will rebel. I just hope you don't put my friends lives in the crossfire."

With that Eva ran off towards her horse, not once turning back, not even when Lexa called after her. The commander will fall and then the people can finally find happiness.

It didn't take long for Lexa to sprint into action. She wasn't sure what Eva was going on about but she could tell it was nothing good. She did come to warn them. Of what, she just wasn't sure. Lexa dragged Clarke along as she ran towards Anya and Lincoln's tents, knowing they returned a few hours ago.

"Gear up where heading out" Lexa shouted as she heading into her own tent to grab her things.

"Where are you going Lexa?"

"After Eva. Something up and it doesn't look good. You need to go back to Polis."

"What, no. If something is going on I need to know. If its something serious I need to get Octavia and my warriors"

"There of no help."

"What does that mean." Clarke was getting irritated.

As Anya and Lincoln entered the tent Lexa nodded to them and started to explain herself.

"I don't know where Eva went but she obviously found out something. Something that puts you in danger." Lexa said pointing to Clarke.

"And sorry to say but your so called warriors have never been in a real fight. They are nothing more then glorified guards, and would never last in a real battle."

Clarke just huffs at this. "And what are you going to do?"

"What we do best. We will track Eva, find out where she went. We will sneak into the village and find out whats going on. Then we will find a way to stop it. Its just another heist, only this time the target is a person."

Clarke's eyes fill with worry. "Its not safe Lexa. What if you get hurt"

Lexa stepped closer to Clarke and intertwined their hands. "I will be fine. We will be find. If we need help I will send word to you I promise. But for now you need to go back to Polis and alert Octavia, make sure she doubles the rounds and keeps you and the city safe."

"I can take care of myself Lexa"

"I know you can Clarke, but this isn't about just you. Its about your people too, and they come first. Go home. Talk to Octavia. I will send word as so as I can. Okay."

Clarke gave Lexa's hand a squeeze as her stomach filled with knots. "Okay"

"Good. Now we need to go. Until we meet again." Lexa said as she dropped Clarke hand and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Before Clarke could even react Lexa and the others were out the tent. They mounted horses of their own and started tracking Eva. The fact that Eva was angry and in a hurry helped greatly. The path that Eva rode was covered in hoof prints and broken twigs. The trio moved at a much slower pace the Eva did but they were hot on her trail.

After hours of tracking a village came into view. They slowed their pace and headed into the village, trying not to draw attention to their selves. As they strolled through the village, Lexa took notice of the amount of different people. Usually you only found this kind of diversity in big cities not villages. To Lexa this village seemed similar to her own, but instead of orphans, it took in outcasts. With that thought Lexa was positive she was in the right place.

As they search the village Anya pointed out some people who were walking to the far side of the village.

"They kind of look like Eva, don't they?"

"Maybe she wasn't the only one who left from underground." Lincoln added

Lexa gave a nod "Possibly. Lets follow them and find out."

The trio followed them to group of homes off to the side of the village. Looking around they noticed everyone had the same type of features as Eva did. As they got closer to the little community Lexa pulled the group to the side.

"If Eva's in this village I'm sure she would be staying here. We will split up and keep an eye out for her. Give a signal if you spot her, but don't engage."

with a nod they all sprinted off in different directions.

It was getting late and Lexa was worried they would need to wait until morning to find Eva. Luckily a few minutes later she spotted Eva down the road. She waited and watched as Eva went into one of the homes. Once she was out of sight Lexa signaled the others. Within a few minutes Anya and Lincoln were back at her side.

"She entered that home there. We will keep a lookout and see if anyone else enters, or if she leaves. Until Eva heads to the source we wont get much information, so we wait."

Everyone agreed and started to discuss who would take the first watch as someone stepped out of the house. It was Eva and she was shortly followed by another. The trio got closer so they could hear whats going on.

"Come on Eva don't be rash. I know your pissed but its a big decision. If you agree to help them there is no turning back. Its dangerous and not to be taken lightly."

"And you think I don't know that. She deserves what she gets."

"And that may be so, but they want a war Eva. And they are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. Are you ready for that. To kill innocent people just to get what you want."

"None of us are innocent."

"Even more so to think about this. Doing this will make you no better then her."

Eva didn't respond. Instead she looked up at the stars above her.

"All I'm asking is that you sleep on it. Please Eva."

"Okay" Eva said as she let out a sigh and headed back in side.

The man who was with Eva stayed outside as he ran a hand through his mohawk. Taking this opportunity the trio approached him. Not wanting Eva to see or hear them, they quickly nabbed the guy and went behind the houses.

"What the hell" The guy said as they released him.

"Relax we just want to talk."

"Oh ya. Feels more like kidnapping to me"

Ignoring what the guy said Lexa continued "We're here because of Eva."

The guy instantly tensed and a scowl formed on his face. "What do you want."

Noticing the change in attitude Lexa smirked. He was protective of her. Good.

"To help. We are her friends. We're not sure whats going on but we're worried about her."

"The ones who abandoned her."

"I'm not sure what she told you but we never abandoned her. Yes we left but only to find some kind of closure. We were always coming back. I wish she told us how she felt. I wish she had more faith in us."

The man studied Lexa for a moment before nodding.

"She could use you right now. I introduced her to a group of very bad people. Many people here hate the commander. They struggle and suffer while she does nothing. At first I was like them, but with Eva back I realized life isn't all that bad and that the commander isn't solely to blame for our problems."

Lexa nodded. "It is true that the commander can do things to help, but we must first be willing to help ourselves."

"Well they think they are. At first they weren't so bad, but now there are mumbles of war. I don't want to lose her again."

Lexa studied the man for a moment.

"You care for her."

"I do. We were best friends once. When she left she asked me to go with her and I said no. I had my family to take care of. And while that was true, I was actually just scared. But not Eva. It didn't matter what lie ahead of her, she was ready to face it head on. I was not. Of course it didn't take long for me to regret that decision. It wasn't until I saw her again that I realized just how much I missed her. Once again I'm afraid to follow her, but this time my fear is for her and not myself. War is not the answer."

"Thank you"

"For what?"

"For taking care of her when we didn't I'm happy to know she has someone like you."

"I will always care for her"

"Good. Then your going to help us."

"Help you do what?"

Lexa smirked "Why, stop a war of course."
Eva woke up feeling slightly disoriented. Looking around the room she remembered the previous night, a coldness settling in her chest. She headed downstairs and was greeted by Zedd's face.

"Good morning Eva"


"you hungry? I have breakfast for us"

"Yeah that would be great. Thanks."

They talk as they ate, asking all sorts of questions about each other.

"So why did your family leave you?"

Eva let out a dark laugh as she spoke

"It would seem they just couldn't resist the beauty of the commander and all her city had to offer."

"So not a commander fan are you?"

"Not anymore. I get that she has Twenty-one clans to look after, but she's so blind when it comes to her own people. And now she took the only family I have left."

"Well you have me now." Zedd said said as he looked away shyly. A small smile graced Eva's lips.


Debating his actions Zedd spoke up

"You know there are many people here who share your feelings about the commander. That she's ignorant and unjust to those outside her cities reach."

Eva raises her brow intrigued

"Tell me more."

- Zedd - Eva - Zedd - Eva -

"Tell me more." Clarke asked causing Lexa to smile. As they made their way towards Lexa's village, Clarke was asking questions nonstop about Lexa's life.

"I will but we are almost at the village then I'll show you rather than tell you."

It didn't take long before they reached the village. Clarke pulled up her hood as Lexa practically dragged her into the village. They were great with the sound of laughter as a group of kids ran around playing. A huge smile was plastered on Clarke's face as she took in the sight.

"I will never tire of seeing this. It makes all the past commanders sacrifices worth it."

Lexa hummed in agreement. "Peace is a great thing, and the bigger the coalition gets, the longer the peace will last. But one must no forget the people along the way."

Clarke raised her brow at Lexa's words. "What do you mean?"

Lexa just shook her head as she lead Clarke around her village.

Clarke took in as much as she could. She realized the village was small and there were many more children then adults. The storehouse was small and was only holding a few weeks worth of food. The tents were on the larger side, but lacking in numbers. Even though this village lacking, you could tell it was a happy and well loved village. Clarke was happy to see Lexa's home, but the brunette still hasn't explained why she was here.

"Its a truly beautiful village Lexa, but that doesn't explain your actions."

With a smile Lexa lead them back over to where the children are playing. They sat off to the side as they made themselves comfortable. Lexa threaded her fingers through Clarke's as she looked to the sky.

"I'm sure you noticed, but we have a lot of children here. Most of them are orphans. Our Village leader, Gustus, has a huge heart and could never turn away a lost child. Lincoln, Anya, Eva, and I are all orphans who were taken in by Gustus."

Lexa turned to face Clarke as she felt her squeeze her hand.

"Growing children eat a lot and so at times we run out of food. The Adults try to eat less so the children can have more so they can grow strong and healthy, but that's not enough. We only have four hunters, who are growing in age. The closest place to hunt is the forest to the west of us, but that forest is along the boarder of a much larger village. They have more hunters, along with more control over the forest, leaving only the small game for our hunters. We have a small garden, but we are not big enough to sustain farm land, nor do we have anything of value to use for trading."

Clarke nodded her head in understanding before speaking.

"It will take some time but the children will grow. Can they not be trained to hunt and help grow food?"

Lexa let out a sigh as she looked towards the children.

"Yes they will grow, just like the many before them. But this village does not have a lot to offer. Man choose to travel, either to another village, or Polis. They learn new trades, find work, find love, and build a new life for themselves. My group is one of the few orphans that choose to stay in the village."

A smile played across Lexa's face as she continued to speak. "And now, even we have come to find that our hearts belong outside this village."

Clarke watched Lexa as she spoke, watched as her emotions played across her face. Every time her eyes swam with sadness, Clarke felt as though she had been stabbed in the chest, every time her lips would turn up in a smile, Clarke's heart would flip in her chest, and every time Lexa would look at her, Clarke's stomach would explode with butterfly's. How much this woman could effect her truly scared Clarke, but she didn't care. All she knew is she wanted to be by her side and make it so she could always smile. Leaning into Lexa, Clarke urged her to keep talking.

"As kids my friends and I were always going off on adventures and getting into trouble. But in doing so we learned a unique skill set. Growing older we were able to see the struggles in the village, how much the adults gave up for us, and decided we couldn't stand by and do nothing. So we started using our skills to steal food and other things we might have needed at the time. But before doing so we promised that we would only steal from those who could afford it and we would never take another's life. Our village hasn't had to worry about food since. Gustus hates that we steal, but he really cant refuse when his village is starving."

"So why do you continue to steal so much? Surely you got plenty from my storehouse, yet you still went after another target a few days later."

"This is true, and at first that's what we did. But you never know when another chance would come our way. If we were to pass up a chance and then not have another one before the food ran out, well why chance it. Plus there are always raiders."


"Yes. While my friends and I became well know, there are many who are not. We do not steal for fun, or to harm others, nor do we steal from those who have nothing themselves. Its because we steal from the rich that you know of us. The raiders are different. They steal for fun and self gain. They go from village to village and take from those who cant defend themselves. Those who have little to give. The raiders don't get big scores like we do, but in return no one is looking for them because no one cares about the little people."

Clarke sat up and stared down Lexa. "I care for all me people."

Lexa let out a sigh as she continued "I know you care Clarke, but you can not protect those you do not see. There are many villages like mine. They have little but the village becomes a family and they are happy. But if someone where to get sick, or raiders come, or the weather damages things, there is no one to help the village. Because they have nothing to give, no one will help. You are a good commander Clarke. The coalition has prospered and those who live among you are happy, but you lose sight of the people outside your reach, and lack knowledge of the problems we face."

Clarke looked to the ground, not sure what to say. Lexa is right. She has lost touch with her people. She didn't even know about the raiders. Sensing Clarke's distress, Lexa lifter her hand to cup her cheek and lift Clarke's face towards her own.

"It is not your fault Clarke. There are thousands of people but only one of you. Its impossible to know everyone's problems."

Clarke shook her head as she turned away from Lexa's touch. "That may be true but I have let them down. I have let you down."

Lexa stood up and crouched down in front of Clarke. "You have not let me down. You listened when I spoke. You looked at what I had to show you. Jeez, you followed me into a forest, unarmed, because I stole a necklace from a woman you didn't even know."

Lexa smiled as Clarke let out a small laugh "Plus its never to late to change things Clarke. Show your people, all your people why you are such a great commander."

Clarke was amazed by this woman in front of her. How could Lexa have so much faith in her when she has done nothing but stand by as her people struggled. Staring into the forest green eyes in front of her, Clarke knew she would change the world for her.

"And how do we do that?"

- Clexa - Clexa - Clexa - Clexa -

"And how do we do that?" A man shouted from the back of the crowed. Eva was at some sort of rally, a rally full of people who hated the commander. At first she enjoyed it. She liked to hear that all mighty commander wasn't so loved after all. It made sense, after all this was a village full of people who were cast out from their homes.

People who weren't accepted among the other villages. It may be peaceful times by that didn't stop the discrimination. She knows once upon a time people like her and the ones in this village were banished from the lands due to their differences. While that is no longer true, being accept among "normal" did not come easy.

Eva stood alone. Zedd left some time ago saying something about his heart not being in it anymore. She didn't get what he meant at first, but shes starting to. What started as complaining quickly turned turned to hate which now lead them to talking about going to war.

While she understood their anger, war was not something to take lightly. Many people sacrificed so much to fight for the peace we have today, to throw all that away for vengeance did not seem right. Plus to go against the commander is to against the entire coalition. Not only that but it would mean her friends would get caught in the cross fire. And that is something Eva would never let happen.

Deciding knowing the whole plan would be beneficial she stayed with the crowd and listened as the planed unfolded. She was even brave enough to ask a few questions herself. The rally lasted over an hour, and by the time it was done Eva was feeling drained. Even so, she knew she has to get this information to Lexa fast. The only time farm she got for the attack was soon, so she figured better to go sooner rather then later.

Once back at Zedd's, Eva asked if there where an horses available for her to ride. When he questions as to why, she merely told him that the rally was a lot to take in and needed time to think if joining the cause was the right move. Zedd nodded in agreement as he lead her towards the stables, telling her about a nice and quite river on the south side of the camp. It wasn't long before Eva was mounted and racing off to see Lexa, with only one thing running through her mind

"I knew that blondie would become nothing but trouble."
Eva wonder the land far into the night and late into the morning until she found herself in a familiar place. It didn't take her long to realize where her feet had brought her. Its where she though she would die for the first time, where she was saved by a girl who changed her life. Tears started to fill Eva's eyes as she looked to the sky. She starts to think of home and what the word really means. She wonders if she goes searching will she find her underground home. She wonders if any of them felt this pain when she left. She wonder if they stayed hidden or embraced there new found freedom.

Feeling fatigue finally seeping through her bones, Eva decided to find some where to rest for a while. Not wanting to camp in the forest alone, she set off to find if there were any near by villages. It took the better part of an hour, but the outskirts of a village finally came into view. It was a larger village, with its own marketplace, which Eva was grateful for. Not only could she rest and eat, but her passing through the village would go pretty much unnoticed.

Noticing a local tavern, Eva made her way inside, getting herself a room and some food. She went to one of the back tables to eat, not wanting to be bothered by anyone. She found herself gazing over the pub taking in the sight. She has never been inside one before, Anya always said it was full of drunken idiots and we should stay clear. But sitting her now, she thinks Anya was wrong, all she can see is men and woman alike just having a good time.

A familiar laughter fills the air and Eva turns to the source of the sound, her eyes widening at the sight. He may be taller and more muscular now, but his raven black hair and pale skin give him away. Sitting only a few feet away from her is Zedd, Eva's childhood friend. The one person she was sad to leave. The one person she asked to come with her. But her refused, saying her couldn't lave his family. She was hurt but she understood, family is important, plus he promised her would help how ever he could. If it wasn't for his help and support she doesn't know if she would of ever made it out.

Finishing off her meal, Eva decided to go say hi. The closer she got the more nervous she felt. What if something happened because she left. What if her resented her for leaving. Worse of all, what if he didn't remember her. Taking a deep breath and steadying herself, she took the final step and tapped Zedd on the shoulder. Zedd turned his head and stared at Eva. Green. His soft green eyes are just the same as she remembered.

"Can I help you?"

Realizing she has yet to do anything Eva lowered her hood, and extended her hand in greeting.

"I just came to say hello"

Zedd took hold of her outstretched arm as he stared into her eyes.

"Do I know you?"

Eva's heart plummeted. He doesn't remember. But then again why would he.

"Once upon a time you did, but I guess now I'm nothing more the a stranger. Sorry to bother you"

Sadness filled her eyes as she turned to leave, but was held in place but Zedd firm grasp.



"What your name?"

Eva hesitated. She could tell him the truth in hopes he remembered, but what if he still didn't remember. It would mean she was never important to him. Just a kid to pass the time with. Looking into his eyes she knew she couldn't lie. She always loved his eyes, just as she has always loved Lexa's.


There was a pause as Zedd just kept staring. But slowly a simple appeared on his face as he engulfed Eva in a hug.

"Your alive. It's really you."

Eva squeezed him back, a smile of her own appearing. He remembered.

"You remembered me."

"Of course I did. How could I ever forget"


Zedd cut her off as he pulled out of the hug.

"I didn't know if you were even still alive. I wanted to make sure before getting my hopes up."

Eva pulled Zedd in for another quick hug.

"I'm so happy to see you again. How are you? How is..." The smile dropped from Eva's face


Zedd just lets out a chuckle at the way Eva's face dropped.

"I'm good. Everyone is good. It took a few months after you left for people go outside. But once one person went everyone went. We searched for you for a while, even asked around but no one saw or heard about you so we lost hope."

"I'm sorry."

"There's no need to apologize. You gave us a chance at freedom. A chance at a new life."

"I'm glad. So where is everyone. Did you guys find a home."

"We did. Would you like to meet everyone?"

Eva nodded her head

"I would love that"

It took just over two hours but they finally made it back to Zedd's village. It was one of the smaller villages and was in the outskirts near the desert clans boarder. While it may be one of the smaller ones it was full of people, adults and children alike. Looking around she notices many of her people along with many faces she does not know. What she does realize is almost all the people here are different or have some kind of deformity. Not thinking twice about she continued to follow Zedd to the other side of the camp. Once they reached Zedd's home she was greeted she was able to see all her people had home added here. It made her heart swell with warmth that they were accepted into a village and found a new home, just like she did.

As I was taking in the sight before me I felt Zedd's eyes on me, so I turned to look at him. His eyes sparkled and a dopey grin was plastered across his face. I just raised a eyebrow to him and he mouthed "ready". Ready for what I wasn't sure, but I nodded my head anyways. He turned from me and walked a few feet away before he started to shout

"Gather up every one we have a guest"

realizing that he was going to introduce me I came up by his side. Slowly everyone started to gather. One everyone was there Zedd looked to me and pointed at my head. Nodding I lowered my hood.

"As some of you might have recognized its the troublemaker of the past, the one who lead us to the light. Eva"

As realization came across their faces cheers erupted from the crowd and many made their way over to say thanks. I could see that their were some annoyed by my arrival, mainly the elders, so she didn't care. It was great to see everyone again. Maybe she wasn't as alone as she thought. Maybe she could still have a home after all.
It was your typical Saturday night with the whole gang heading out to the local bar Old Dominion. It didn't take long for everyone to grab their drinks and head out to the dance floor, well everyone except Lexa. Anya and Raven were doing there so called "sexy" dancing, as Lincoln was twirling Octavia all around the floor. Then there was Clarke and Finn dancing around and having a good time.

Lexa watched on from their table her eyes never once leaving Clarke's dancing form. She never liked Finn but he made Clarke happy so she accepted him. But lately Clarke's eyes didn't shine as bright as they use to, at least not when he's around, and it make Lexa's detest for him grow. He didn't deserve someone like Clarke. Others may not have noticed how Clarke has changed but Lexa has. Lexa has always noticed everything about Clarke and has been falling hard for her from the moment they have met.

Lexa notices blue eyes staring back at her and lets out a sigh as the blond walks towards her, silently hoping Clarke wont notice how red her cheeks are.

"Your staring."

"Am not" Lexa argues back as the blush grows.

"If you want to dance so bad just ask someone, no need to watch from afar."

Lexa lets out a snort as her heart plummets. Of course Clarke thinks she just feels left out, of course she wouldn't realize Lexa only has eyes for her and nothing else.

"Come dance with me Lexa."

Lexa shakes her head no, but that just causes Clarke to squeeze her hand and lean in closer.


Lexa just stares into those ocean blues before nodding yes. She never was able to deny Clarke.

Clarke pulls Lexa to the dance floor and turns herself so her back is to Lexa's front. As the music plays on Lexa pulls Clarke ever closer as Clarke continues to grind her ass in to Lexa. It doesn't take long for the sensation to become to much and Lexa spins Clarke around. With their faces mere inches apart and eyes locked on each other they continue their dance. Lexa's heart hammers in her chest as she feels Clarke's hands start to wonder along her back and under her shirt.

Before Lexa can even register whats happening an arm is coming in between them and Clarke is being pulled back. Lexa looks up only to spot Finn kissing Clarke's neck as he tells her he wants to dance. She tells him later but he shakes his head a pulls her further away. Lexa reaches out and grab Clarke's hand, but she just shakes her head and tells Lexa she's fine. Once again Lexa's heart plummets and she walks away, wishing Clarke would just break up with him.

Once again Lexa finds herself alone watching over the dance floor. Naturally it doesn't take long for Lexa to spot Clarke. Her and Finn are dancing again, but Clarke just looks annoyed. Lexa can tell from the way Finn is moving he is beyond drunk. It doesn't take long for the couple to start fighting and leave the bar all together. Another night ruined because of fuck boy Finn, great. Irritated Lexa decides to head home.

Hours later Lexa is laying on her bed listening to country music with a beer in her hand, her mind consonantly replaying the dance her and Clarke shared. As a new tune drifted through her speakers, Lexa decided to make a phone call.

"Hey girl, what's up?"

"Lexa it's one in the morning"

"I know it's late, but I knew you'd pick it up"

"Are you drunk?"

"Naw,I ain't drunk. Okay, maybe I do have a little buzz but that song came on and I just thought what harm could come from one little call?"

"What song?"

Completely ignoring Clarke Lexa continued on. She couldn't hide it any longer.

"I know you say your taken, but I say girl your taking to long."

"What are you talking about?"

"To tell him that it's over, then bring it on over"


"Stringing him along any longer Clarke, it's just wasting precious time. You know it can't wait, rip it off just like a band-aid. The way you look at me, Clarke, you can't pretend. I know you ain't in love with him, break up with him."

"It's not that simple Lexa."

"I know, you don't wanna break his heart, but that ain't no good reason to be keeping us apart. Look, just tell him, it's you, it ain't him, and maybe you can lie to him and say you'll still be friends. Whatever you got to say to get through to him that you ain't in love."

"I don't think..."

"C'mon you can't deny that you and I kinda fit like a glove."


"It ain't my business to be all up in, but I know you ain't in love with him. I know that you're so done with him. Break up with him, break up with him."

Lexa practically begging at the end, but all Lexa was met with was silence. Taking a deep breath Lexa continued speech.

"You would've hung up by now if you weren't thinking it too. No pressure, whatever, just do what you gotta do, but if I was you, I'd tell him that it's over. Then bring it on over."


"Yeah, I know I said it, but I'll say it again, I know you ain't in love with him. Break up with him.
The way you look at me, Clarke, you can't pretend. I know you ain't in love with him, break up with him. Yeah just break up with him."

The silence stretched on as Lexa waited for Clarke to say something, anything. But Lexa never could handle the silence.

"Clarke please, just..." But before Lexa could finish Clarke cut her off.

"Good night Lexa" And with a click the phone went dead. Lexa stared up at the ceiling as she whispered out

"Good night Clarke"

The next morning Lexa awoke to the sound of stone being thrown against her window. Heading over, Lexa open the window and poked her head out only to find the blond beauty standing with a hand full of rocks. Before Lexa could even question what she was doing here, Clarke spoke up.

"I broke up with him"



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well world. i finally posted the first chapter to my fan fiction for the 100 AKA Clexa……


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