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Chapter 7

After hours of just wondering and exploring the woods with Nimai, they started to head back to the den. Along the way Damion came up behind them "So you two were able to bond after all." Clarke turned towards Damion and just glared at him, she didn't notice him so his voice startled her. Damion just continued with a giant smile upon his face " It seems you two do share the same spirit." A look of confusion came upon Clarke's face as she looked down at Niami. "I don't think I will ever come to understand you grounders and your belief in all this spirit stuff." Clarke said as she waved her hand in the air. Damion just laughed and said, "Well I guess its time I teach you. How does a little chat over dinner sound?" Clarke just nodded in agreement, after all it's been a while since the last time she ate, and so she followed Damion as they all walked back to prepare some food.

Clarke and Damion, as well as all the wolves ate dinner together. Niami was at Clarke's side, while Cole was at Damion's. The food was delicious and Clarke quite enjoyed it, but it was also a bit nerve racking to be surrounded by so many wolves. By the end of dinner she got use to her company. As if sensing that she was now at ease, Damion started to explain the story behind him and the wolves.

"It is said that when a lost soul is born, an Alpha is born into the wolf pack. As you can see with Niami and Cole they are different from the Omega wolves. But it's not just in looks, but also in soul. Their soul is more dominant and more fierce then the others, and it leads them to form a personality. The reason for this is because they share the soul of a human, and the human they share it with has lost a part of their soul. Hence, the name of human counterparts, the ones that share their souls, to be the lost souls. Then when the lost soul and Alpha meet there's an instant bond because two halves have become whole again. Just like you, Clarke, and Niami, as well as me and Cole. Once an Alpha meets their lost soul they are forever loyal to them and follow them to the ends of the earth. Once the new lost soul is found, it is the job of the current lost soul to teach them about our ways.

My master's name was Zedd and his Alpha was name Fenrir. Zedd was a great warrior from the ice nation. He was ruthless in his fights and was always looking for the next battle. His goal was to find a true opponent, one that could give him a real challenge. But for him it was not easy he defeated every warrior he came against and decided to go searching the world for his true challenge. With this he became a true lost soul, and eventually met Fenrir, the strongest and fiercest Alpha to exist. Together they became each other's greatest challengers. They had countless fights but one was never able to beat the other, so they became whole because now they could battle each other to the end of their time and still have a challenge in one another fulfilling their desires for a true fight.

As for me, I was born into the Trikru. I was very wise and learned all our knowledge with ease. I was never the best warrior but I did learn all the ways of the warrior, as well as all other skills and knowledge known to our people. My parents were proud and saw me as fit to be a leader. Of course our leaders are only chosen by spirit. I didn't care either way as long as I could gain new knowledge. So my parents decided to leave the village so I can gain the knowledge of the world and become, in their eyes, one of the greatest leaders ever created. Of course, as you know, not all villages take kindly to strangers. After about half a year of travels we met one such village and my parents died at the hands of one of their people. I escaped into the woods and become a true lost soul. After a few months, I found Cole, and I knew right away he was my destiny. I mastered everything Zedd had to teach me and now I go on my own adventures and gather even more knowledge from the world. Now the same goes for you.

The day you left your people you became a true lost soul and now you have Niami. But in my eyes you are truly different from all of those who came before you. I believe you can master all that I have to teach you and become a true protector of this world. All Zedd said about his master was that he was undisciplined and liked to cause trouble. Zedd was all about the fight, where is I am all about gaining more knowledge. We all learned what we were taught to aid ourselves in our desires, but I can see it in you Clarke You can use all your about to learn to truly protect all you care for and more. From what I heard about you and from what I can see just by being with you, that you aren't afraid of your feelings or of taking the hard road to protect as many as possible. You have a wild spirit, Clarke, and have a gift that allows you to capture the beauty of this world, and you wish for nothing more then peace, so you can enjoy what the world has to offer. But more then that, your soul calls to protect everyone and everything around you.

You don't consider yourself a leader, healer, or a warrior yet if you're called to lead you will step up without hesitation. If you're called to heal then you will do everything in your power to save that person. If you called to fight and defend then you will fight with all your power and even kill to keep those you care for safe, no matter how much it hurts you to do so. It is true you have the qualities that make a great leader, someone people look up to, pour their hearts and dreams into. Someone people will die for, but you do not wish for this, I know. You would never ask anyone to die for you; instead you'd rather protect them. If you master everything I have to teach you then you will have the power and the ability to save and protect those you couldn't before. And with Niami by our side there wont be anything you can't do. She's truly a lot like you, young, wild and amazed at the world. Always running through the woods, watching the sunsets, and staring up at the stars. But even as a child she took it upon herself to protect her pack.

A group of hunters wander far into our parts and came upon a injured wolf. Niami took it upon herself to protect him, but she was just a child no match for the hunters. She was hurt badly but stood strong. Luckily, Cole arrived with the pack in time to save her, but the injured wolf was too far-gone. Niami was quiet for months after that. Eventually, she got her spirit back, but the fact that she failed to protect one of her own hurt her. I believe no matter what comes you two will be able to understand each other through it all. Have faith Clarke, while the past never truly leaves us, with time we can move on and become stronger."

Clarke looks up at Damion, taking in all he has just told her. Damion just stares at her until he sees her face soften in acceptance. Suddenly, Clarke stands and says, "Okay, lets begin".



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well world. i finally posted the first chapter to my fan fiction for the 100 AKA Clexa……

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