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As the war raged on outside, Clarke, Lexa, and Niami made their way into the castle. Thanks to Echo they had a map of the castle, so they knew their way to the queens chambers. Slowly they made their way, careful of any guards. They managed to get this far undetected and it would suck if they alerted anyone of their presence now.

Having Nimai was a big help, her ears and nose alerting them of guards before they could even see them. They were getting close and Lexa was getting anxious. How long she has waited for this justice. As much as she wanted peace, their was always a small part of her who wanted this war, this vengeance. She knew once the war was over and she saw the aftermath, she would come to hate the selfishness inside her.

Lexa felt a hand on her shoulder and looked over to find a pair of concerned eyes watching her. She took in a deep breath and nodded at Clarke to let her know she was okay. After taking a moment to collect herself. Lexa started moving forward with Clarke and Niami right by her side. After a few, anguishly long minutes, they finally reached the Queens chambers. There was no guarantee the queen was in there, but knowing her, she would gladly sit in the comfort of her chamber while her people went to war for her. Going by the two guards standing out side the door, they were right in their assumption.

Quickly whipping around the corner, Clarke shot two quills straight into the neck of the guards, causing them to drop to the floor unconscious. Cautiously they made their way into the room. As they entered into the main hall they noticed the bed chambers to their right and a thrown room to their left. Not noticing anyone in the bedroom they made their way towards the thrown room. As they made their way further into the room a voice called out.

"So you finally made it."

"You were expecting us."

"I was expecting you. My messengers informed me you were not on the battlefield, which meant there was only one place you would go."

"You were always a smart one. But you are also selfish and power hungry, and it has finally lead to your downfall."

A wicked smile crossed Nia's face. "You assume you can win. Just because I rather sit here then fight, doesn't mean I am not powerful in my own right."

"I know of your strength. But I also know of mine and I can guarantee that you will not come out of this alive."

"Is that why you brought your little sky princess with you, to guarantee my death?"

"Lexa does not need my help. This is her fight and her fight alone."

"Then you are both fools. GUARDS!"

At the queens words guards came running into her chambers. Lexa looked to Clarke, worry showing in her features. A sad smile spread across Clarke's face

"Don't worry. You take care of Nia and I'll deal with the guards."

As Clarke turned to walk away Lexa grabbed her arm. "Clarke I..."

but before Lexa could finish Clarke silenced her with a quick kiss. "I know. Now go."

With that Lexa dropped Clarke's arm and watched as she ran off to fight the guards. Her thoughts were soon disturbed by a cold voice.

"How sweet. The great commander has found herself another bed warmer. Wonder if this one will last longer then the last one."

"ENOUGH." Lexa bellows as she charges at the older woman.

Standing from her thrown Nia pulls a sword form beside her and brings it up, clashing against Lexa's own sword. They break away from each other, the smile never leaving Nia's face as the two woman circle each other. Lexa steps forward swinging her sword forward as Nia easily parry's the attack, spinning herself towards Lexa's back. Reading the attack Lexa sidesteps and turns herself, bringing her fist around and punching Nia square in the face. Stepping back Nia brings a hand up to her lip, wiping away the blood.

"It's about time you fought back Lexa. For to long I have tried to get you to fight, yet you always stepped back, making me look like the bad guy. You path to equality and peace will cause our clans to crash and burn, but once I kill you, the would will finally see the only was to survive is with power, and power alone."

Lexa lowered her sword and looked straight into Nia's cold blue eyes. Blue just like Clarke's, yet at the same time, nothing like hers. Far to clod and void of emotion.

"If that is what you truly believe, then you are far more deranged then I thought."

Nia scoffed at Lexa as she swung her sword down towards Lexa's side. Lexa blocked it, spinning inwards towards Nia, bringing the hilt of her sword up towards Nia's head. Nia grabbed Lexa's wrist before impact and swiped her foot under Lexa's legs causing her to fall to the ground. Lexa kept hold, bringing Nia down with her, flipping them once they hit the ground so the Lexa was above Nia.

Lexa quickly sat up and started to punch Nia. Blocking Lexa's hits with one hand, Nia reached for her fallen sword with the other. Once she grabbed it she swung it towards Lexa catching her in the side. Letting out a yelp of pain, Lexa rolled off of Nia and pushed herself to her feet. Reaching over to her wound, Lexa could feel the blood pouring out. The cut was deep. Nia got to her feet, a smirk once again covering her face as she walked towards Lexa, picking up Lexa's sword along the way.

Stepping forward with her left foot, Nia brought her first sword down, the second following as she turned her body while swinging the swords. Lexa ducked down and rolled to the side with a grunt. Quickly getting up Lexa landed a punch to Nia side before she could turn back toward Lexa. Before Nia could recover, Lexa grabbed her right wrist and bent it causing Nia to drop the sword. But not before swung the sword in her left hand towards Lexa.

Using her free hand Lexa grabbed the blade of the sword, sliding her hand down until she was able to grab the hilt. Lexa pulled on both of Nia's arms bringing her towards her as she brought her head forward, bashing Nia right in the head. The impact caused Nia to loosen her grip on the sword, allowing for Lexa to take it from her. Spinning the sword in her hands, Lexa dropped her arm and swung the sword upwards, piercing Nia's abdomen. Nia's eyes widened as Lexa removed the sword causing her to fall to her knees.

"That was for Clarke, and this... this is for Costia." Lexa brought up her sword and swung it to the side, removing the Queens head in one clean swipe. Nia's head hit the floor with a thump, and Lexa let out a breath as she fell to her knees, adrenaline finally wearing off.

Clarke easily took care of the guards, there weren't many considering the war raging outside. Even though the cost seems clear, Clarke remained outside the doors, not wanting anyone or anything to disturb the fight going on inside. Clarke wanted so badly to run to Lexa's side, to help her fight, but she promised that she would let Lexa take care of the Queen. Soon the atmosphere became eerily quite, and Clarke gathered her courage and entered the thrown room, her heart sinking at the sight. She ran to Lexa who was lying on the ground and check her pulse, it was weak, but she was alive. Quickly Clarke got to work checking for wounds and patching her up.

Feeling Clarke's presence, Lexa opened her eyes only to find find watery blue ones staring right back at her. Groaning Lexa tried to sit up only to have two hands push her right back down.

"You need to rest."


"No. This wound is deep, and I just got the bleeding under control."

"There is a war going on Clarke. I will not lie down to rest in my enemy's chambers while my people fight."

"Lexa please."

Hearing the desperation in Clarke's voice, Lexa stilled. She reached her hand to Clarke's cheek using her thumb to wipe away her tears.

"I am well enough to walk. My spirit is not going anywhere Clarke. My people need me, this fight is over."

Nodding Clarke help Lexa up and started heading out of the room, but Lexa stopped and look behind her.

"My kill"


"The queens head. I don't want other people to get."

Clarke just stared at Lexa, not believing what she was hearing. Confusion turned to understanding at the smirk that formed on Lexa's face.

"Really. A joke. Of all times. Plus this is nothing like me wanting my kill, you just being ridiculous."

Lexa just raised her eyebrow in response. Clarke just let out a sigh.

"Fine, what ever you want commander." Lexa let out a chuckle as Clarke went to retrieve "the Queen."

"Sorry Clarke, but we really do need the head as proof. Only then will the Azegda stop fighting."

"What ever lets go."

Clarke went back to Lexa and helped her as they walked out of the castle. They left the way they came in, still not wanting to draw attention to themselves. As soon as they got close to their army, Lexa removed herself from Clarke's care. She was still commander and couldn't afford to look weak, especially right now. Walking to the front of her army, she singled one of her warriors to sound the horn, causing the fighting around her to decease. Lexa walked to the front of her army, standing before the Azegda warriors, speaking as loudly as she could.

"This fight is over. Your Queen is dead."

Slowly Lexa removed the Queens head from a bag and showed the army before throwing it towards them.

"Lay down your swords now and you will not be punished for your Queens treachery."

Lexa looked at the army before her and saw the uncertainty in their faces. Their Queen may be dead, but they are still her army. Yet they do not wish to die meaninglessly either. Lexa looked behind her and beckoned one of her warriors forward.

Slowly Echo emerged from the army and walked up beside Lexa.

"This is Echo kom Azgeda. Your new Queen."

When Echo found out Lexa's plan to appoint her the new Queen she refused, stating she was no leader. Lexa assured she would do fine, and her people needed someone like her who was willing to fight for peace. Even so Echo was still hesitant to take on the role, but Lexa promised they together they would find another who was qualified and trustworthy to take on the role once everything has settled. Knowing she didn't have much choice in the matter, and not wanting to see more needless death she agreed.

Stepping forward Echo spoke to her people.

"I know you are all loyal to your Queen and for that I thank you. But she is dead and this is not a war you can win. Look around you, you have lost so many already. There is no need more more death. We will not lose our place in this world. We will remain strong and powerful, but we will do so at the commanders side, as part of the coalition. Together with the other Clans we will use our strength to fight for a better and brighter future."

Echo paused and looked over her people.

"Now as your new Queen, I order you to drop down your weapons and return to your homes and to your loved ones. All those who fell to the red smoke should be awakening soon, and I'm sure they would be happy to wake up to a safe and war free home."

Some started to retreat but some stayed, still not willing to stand down.

"I said to return now. If you refuse I will kill you myself. Do I make myself clear?"

At this the remaining warriors gave a bow and returned home. Echo felt a hand on her shoulder and looked over to find Lexa smiling at her.

"Well done. You will do just fine as their leader. Now return home with your people and we will discuss what happens next in a few days."

With a bow of her head, Echo headed back with her people.

Lexa walked back to her army and told them it was time to go home. Having no complainants they quickly packed up and headed home. As the army was getting ready to return, Clarke headed over to her furry family to see if they were okay. Niami ran ahead of her, just as worried about her family as Clarke was. Taking note of all the wolves she noticed a few were missing. Of course their would be losses, but that didn't mean it made it any easier to take. Just over twenty of them needed medical attention and eight of them didn't make it. Quickly getting to work, Clarke started taking care of the injured wolves.

It took a few hours, but she was finally done and with some rest all the injured wolves would make a full recovery. Now that Clarke had a moment to herself she felt Lexa's presence.

"Its creepy to stare you know."

Clarke turned and walked up to Lexa.

"How long have you been here?"

"Not long. I didn't want to disturb you."

"You have your own injury's to worry about. Why aren't you resting?"

"I will rest when we get home. For now there is to much to do."

"Fine. It's not like you listen anyways. But when we get home I'm not letting you out of bed for at lest to days."

A smirk played on Lexa's lips. "As long as your in bed with me, that will not be a problem Clarke."

"Your impossible, you know that." Clarke tried to sound mad but just couldn't. Lexa reached her hand u and cupped Clarke's face, leaning in to give her a kiss. Breaking the kiss she leaned her forehead against Clarke's.

"I know."

Giving one final look over her furry friends, Clarke called for Nimai and took Lexa's hand into her own as they headed towards home. As they headed trough the forest Clarke noticed Niami's head shoot up. Looking to Lexa with concern they followed Niami. It didn't take them long to find what caught Niami's attention. It was a wolf pup, but not just any Wolf pup. She looked like a tiny version of Nimai, coat as white as the snow that covered these lands. The only difference was the blood red patches of fur the covered the tips of the pups tails and ears, as well as each of her paws. Clarke approached the pup, but instead of letting Clarke get close, she took a defensive stance, growling and showing her teeth to Clarke. Only then did Clarke notice a little girl behind the pup. Of course they were lost souls.

Calling over Niami,Clarke bent down and started to run her hand through Niami's fur, showing the pup she means no harm. Patting Niami on the back Clarke nodded towards the pup and Niami headed over, calming the pup down. Looking back at Clarke, Nimai nodded her head, allowing Clarke to come closer.

"It's okay. Your safe."

Looking straight into Clarke's eyes, the pup realized who she was and stepped down allowing her to see the girl. The girl had short, straight, red hair, with hazel eyes. Over her right eye she had a distinctive scare, marking her as an Azegda. The girls right leg was bleeding badly, so Clarke called Lexa over to help her take care of the girl.

"Whats your name little one?" Lexa asked as she bent down beside the girl.


"Hello Eva. This is Clarke, and I'm Heda Lexa. Why are you out here."

"I ran when the fighting started."

Eva looked into Lexa's eyes unsure if she could trust her. But seeing nothing but concern in her eyes she continued.

"I live in the castle. I was hoping to escape during the commotion, but got caught up in one of the blasts."

"Why did you wish to escape?"

"I'm the Queens niece, and I did not enjoy the life she had layed out for me. She wished of me to be Queen like her. Rule like her. Her people are loyal to her, but they do not care for her, and I didn't enjoy the way she lead, or the training she put me through to make me worthy of her title."

"Well then do you wish to come with us. We can train you and your new friend here. We can help you become the leader you wish to be."

Eva was hesitant. She wanted to escape her life, but maybe with the help of these two should become a Queen who was loved by her people.

"Can I become someone who is loved by her people?"

This time it was Clarke who spoke up.

"Lexa here is the greatest commander to ever rule. She has brought peace to feuding clans and is loved by all her people. If you wish to become a great leader then the commander here will be the greatest teacher you could ever have."

A smile appeared on Eva's face

"Okay. I think I would like that."

Without wasting any more time Clarke picked up the little girl and headed home with Lexa, Niami, and the pup by her side. A smile crossed Clarke's face as she notice Eva fall asleep in her arms.

"Echo will be happy to know we found her replacement so soon."

"Sha, but no need to rush. With the right training I believe this girl can become a great leader."

They walked the rest of the way in silence, just enjoying each others company.

Epilogue – Epilogue – Epilogue

Months have past sense the war, and things were finally settling down. Relations between the Skaikru, Azgeda, and Trikru were stronger then ever. Lexa moved back to Polis, and Clarke went with her, inviting her friends to join them. Only Octavia and Lincoln moved to Polis, the others not wanting to be so far from Camp Jaha, but they promised to visit all the time.

Clarke walked down to the training grounds where Lexa was training the Natblida along with Eva. Eva was showing great promise and fit in easily with the Natblida. Clarke watched from the shadows and waited for Lexa to dismiss the children before walking up to her.

"It's rude to stare Clarke."

"Sorry, I was just enjoying the scenery."

Lexa smiled bright. "Really now."

Clarke just nodded in confirmation before walking up and kissing Lexa. Just a few weeks prior, they made their relationship known, no longer wanting anything holding them back. Clarke pulled back from the kiss and looked into her lovers eyes.

"Do you think it will last."

"What will?"

"This peace, this happiness."

"There will always be conflict Clarke, its the way of the world. But I worked to hard for this life, this happiness, and I wont let any one or any thing take that from us."

Clarke's heart fluttered at the way Lexa way looking at her. Clarke didn't know what the future would hold, but she knew what ever came their way they could handle it together. Reaching her hand up, Clarke traced the outline of Lexa's face.

"I love you Lexa"

"Ai hod yu in Clarke."
It was a stressful time in Polis. The ambassadors were hesitant to go to war, stating that the Skaikru were not part of the collation and therefor not under their protection. While this may have been true Lexa pointed out that they were to become part of the collation and that any attack against them was strictly forbidden. All the leaders were well aware of this, and yet Queen Nia deliberately went against her word and attacked an ambassador of the Skaikru, and in doing so attacked her. After some more discussion, all the ambassadors were in agreement. Queen Nia attack could not be tolerated and would aid in the coming war. Once the meeting was over, Lexa headed straight out not wanting to waste another moment away from Clarke.

A few days later and she made it back to Camp Jaha. Clarke was still healing and wasn't to leave until she was cleared by Abby. As soon as Lexa reached the camps gates, she hoped off her horse and went to see Clarke. She was well enough to be in her own room and to move freely around the camp. Lexa walked through Clarke's door and smiled at the sight before her. Clarke was dressed in a light a simple shirt and pants. Her hair falling freely around her face, and the light shining through the window made her glow. She was drawing in her sketch book, tongue poking out from her mouth and her brows furrowed in concentration. It was such a simple and carefree look, yet to Lexa Clarke never looked so beautiful. Clarke must of noticed Lexa's presence because she looked up from her sketch book, and green met blue. Clarke's eyes lit up and a smile crossed her face, causing Lexa's heart to flutter.

"Your back."

"I'm back."

Clarke raised her hands and motioned for Lexa to come closer. Lexa walked over to Clarke and gave her a kiss on her forehead as she crouched down beside her.

"How are you feeling?"

"Good. How was your trip."

"Stressful, but the matter was settled."

The smile drops from Clarke's face "So we are going to war?"

"I know this does not please you Clarke, but it in necessary."

"I know. The Queen is out of control and must be stopped, but the thought of more death. Will it ever end?"

"Death will never end Clarke, but I promise you I will do everything in m power to bring true peace to our people."

Clarke brought her hand to Lexa's cheek and looked straight into her eyes.

"I know and I will be right by your side every step of the way."

Lexa smiled and leaned in for a kiss. It was short ans sweet, but conveyed everything she was feeling in that moment.

"Come lay with me."

Lexa nodded and climbed over Clarke to the other side of the bed. Lexa turned to her side and looked into Clarke's eyes.

"Tonight we rest, but tomorrow the planing starts."

Clarke nodded her head and snuggled into Lexa. The night was peaceful but morning came all to soon.

Rest – Rest – Rest

Clarke was trying to be patient, she really was, but they have been at this for the past hour and nothing. They have been trying to figure out the best plan of action against the Azgeda. They didn't want to rush it, fearful of the Azgeda large and ruthless army, but Lexa was insisting on attacking as soon as possible. The longer they take to attack the longer the Queen has time to plan an attack of her own.

Clarke was trying to stay out of the planing, only giving input when asked. She didn't want to over step remembering how well her last war plan worked out, but this was taking to long and she kinda has an idea. She knew it was a good plan, but was still worried it would end just as badly as her last plan. By this point everyone was getting frustrated and were starting to yell over each other.


Everyone went silent and looked to Lexa.

"It would seem we all need a break. We will meet back in half a candle mark. But know once we return I will finalize and plan."

Everyone nodded their heads and started to stand. Remembering what Lexa always told her, that plans don't last long in war, Clarke stepped forward not wanting to go through more of this nonsense.

"I have a plan."

war – war – war - war – war

Slowly the day faded to night and the wolves slowly moved through the forest toward the Azgeda city. They surrounded the city and waited for their cue. Finally it was time to put the plan into action. With a signal from Clarke the wolves emerged from the forest, and let their howls be heard across the city. The eeriness of the sound brought the warriors from their posts and the civilians from their homes,concern crossing all their faces. It didn't take long for orders to be given out and for the Azgeda warriors to get into position and move out. Before they could head out, small canisters came flying over the walls all across the city. Once the canisters hit the ground red smoke was released causing panic and chaos all around. One by one the people began to fall to the ground, the affects of the knockout gas taking effect.

The warriors were quicker to reacting and managed to organize themselves and get outside the city walls. Once the Azgeda army came into view the Trikru army came out from the shadows of the forest. Slowly the Trikru army advanced, making sure to take their time, wanting to draw out the Azgeda army further out into the open. Once the Azgeda arm took notice of their enemy they started their advance, ready to kill. As they started to cross the open field, explosions came out of the ground sending the Azgeda warriors flying. The field was covered in land mines, courtesy of Raven.

Raven was more the happy to play a part in this war, after all she loved to make thing go Boom. The explosions caused the Azgeda to stop their advance. Both sides were still, each waiting for the other to make their move. They went on like this, just waiting, for what seemed like hours, but was actually a painful slow twenty minutes. Soon the Azgeda warriors grew impatient and charged forward. Many fell to the mines, but many more were able to advance through. Once the first few warriors cleared the mines the Trikru army advanced, including the wolves who advanced from the sides.

Distraction noodle - Distraction noodle - Distraction noodle

From the moment the wolves started their howls Clarke, Lexa, and Niami made their move. Slowly in the shadows of the trees they made their way around the city, towards the back walls. Once they saw the red smoke, they dawned their masks and made their way into the city. Thanks to the Distraction of the knockout gas they made their way through the city with ease. It didn't take long for them to make it to the castle, and their main goal. The Ice Queen.
"Well that went well. So what do you want to do now?"

Raven asked as she looked over the group.

"Why don't you guys show the Skaikru some of the skills you have learned and go for a hunt. Your people are becoming far to thin."

Lexa said with a smirk as she looked over at Clarke. Clarke raised her eyebrow at Lexa, as a smile played across her face.

"That's actually a good idea. Who's in?"

"Where game" Octavia says as she pulls Lincoln with her. Echo walks up and places her hand on Bellamy's shoulder "We'll go"

Bellamy just turns to her eyes wide. "Ah, ya. Guess were in."

"Cool. Guys?" Clarke questions as she looks at the rest of the group.

"Nah, I got better things to do." Raven says as she looks over to Lexa. "Actually I got some tech stuff I would like to show the commander here."

Monty and Harper also decline saying they have some other matters to attend to. Wick decides to go with Raven but Monroe agrees to come on the hunt.

"Alright, lets go in groups then. Echo, Bell and Monroe in one group. Octavia and Lincoln will be the other, and Niami and I will be the last. Biggest catch wins."

"Oh, sounds fun. You better not slow us down Bell." Echo says as she hits Bellamy on the arm.

Octavia walks to the center of the group "Oh you guys are going down."

Bellamy steps up to his sister "We will just need to see about that wont we."

Clarke starts to laugh over the siblings antics.

"Well, lets find out shall we." With that said Clarke ran out of the camp with Niami by her side and the others on her heels.

Once Clarke entered the forest she got to work heading in the direction of the water. Niami followed with her nose to the ground, sniffing out her next prey. As they reached the river Clarke noticed some tracks and called Niami over her way. They followed the tracks North for about ten minutes, until they found traces of the animal.

It wasn't long after that they saw the owner of the tracks. It was a panther and it was eating a catch of its own. Clarke directed Niami to go one way as she circled around the other way. Niami stepped out growling, catching the panthers attention. The two animals stared each other down, while slowly circling one another. Keeping herself hidden directly behind the panther, Clarke slowly creeps out from the trees. Just as she is about to attack an arrow comes out of nowhere and lands beside the beast.

The panther jumps of to the side and takes notice of Clarke's presence. With a deep growl the panther attacks Clarke. It all happens so fast that Clarke barely has time to react. She manages to dodge the first attack but is still in reach of the panthers claw. The animal strikes again and manages to hit Clarke left arm, leaving her with a large gash. Clarke cry's out in pain and Niami jumps into action, biting the panther in the back leg. As the panther turned its back on Clarke to attack Nimai, Clarke jumped forward and stabbed the beast right in the neck with her bone knife, letting the poison seep into the wound. The panther let out a growl but continued its fight with Nimai, until death finally claimed its victim.

Niami came over to Clarke and started licking at her wounds. She patted the wolf on the head while telling her to keep alert. After all someone had to shoot that arrow and they didn't know who or why. Nimai turned her attention to the forest surrounding them and looked all over for the assailant. Soon enough more arrows came flying out of the trees, forcing Clarke and Niami to run for cover. Slowly they made their way through the trees with Nimai sniffing out the shooter.

It didn't take long for them to find the shooter. Niami went out into the open, distracting the shooter while Clarke came around the other side and threw her knife right in his side causing him to loose balance and fall right out of the tree. Clarke came around and removed her knife from his side and ran it across his neck making sure he stayed down. Taking a good look at his face Clarke realized he was Azgeda. It didn't take long for the other Azgeda warriors to make themselves know. They surrounded Clarke and Niami and started to attack. Clarke fought back and started taking them out one by one, but there were so many of them, and with her dominant arm injured, she was at a disadvantage. There were only two left now and Clarke was breathing hard, her body burning in pain from all her wounds.

She launched one last attack at the warriors. One dodged her and came around her back as she plunged her knife into the other warrior heart. Clarke knew the other warrior was behind her but she had no time to dodge and braced herself for the blow. Out of nowhere a sword came flying and landed right in the warriors back ending his life. Clarke turned around to see Octavia and Lincoln come running out from behind some trees.

"Clarke!" Octavia shouted as Lincoln came up and asked if she was okay

"Ya, I'm okay. I'll live."

"What the hell happened?"

"Azgeda. I'm guessing Queen Nia decided to take matters into her own hands."

"That Bitch! I'll kill her."

Lincoln placed his hands on Octavia's shoulders.

"Clam down. First we need to get Clarke to camp."

"It's okay Lincoln. I'm in no condition to walk, and we cant leave all these dead bodies lying around. I'll send Niami back to get Lexa. Octavia go and look for the others and bring them here." Taking a breath and looking back towards Lincoln. "Think you can patch me up a bit?"

Both Octavia and Lincoln gave a nod and got to work.

Clarke turned to Nimai and looked right into her eyes. "Bring Lexa to me."

with a small whine and a slight nod of her head, Niami sprinted off towards the camp. Niami ran as fast as she could, her lungs burning and the pain from her own wounds flowing through her. But in that moment the only thing on her mind was helping her friend. She ran and ran, faster then ever before, growling as soon as the camp came into sight. The gates were barely open as she squeezed herself through. Nimai started to run around frantically, howling as loud as she could to gain the attention of the humans. It didn't take long for Lexa to appear to see what all the fuss was about. As soon as her eyes landed on Niami, they widened in shock. She ran forward and crouched down beside the wolf noticing the blood streaking her snowy white fur.

"Where's Clarke?" Lexa rushed out, voice laced with concern. Niami let out a whine as she grabbed Lexa's sleeve and tugged her towards the gate. Understanding the wolfs meaning she got up and followed the wolf into the forest. Lexa ran as fast as she could, but she could barley keep up. Niami kept on rounding back and pushed at Lexa's legs.

"I know Nimai, I know." Lexa said barely above a whisper, her lungs burning.

When they finally reached Clarke, Nimai went straight to her side, while Lexa just froze at the sight. The woman she loved sat there surrounded by dead Azgeda warriors. At the sight of Niami Clarke looked up and blue met green. Clarke saw the pain and fear swimming through her lovers eyes, and it killed her to see Lexa so lost.

"Lexa" Clarke called out in a raspy voice.

The sound of Clarke's voice brought Lexa out of her thoughts and she ran over to Clarke. She bent down beside her and started checking all her wounds. Clarke brought her hands up to cup Lexa's cheek and turned face so she was looking at her.

"I'm fine. Hurt but fine. The other will be here shortly, then we can go, but I'll need help."

right on cue Octavia emerged from the trees with the others. Taking in the sight Bellamy ran to Clarke side "Clarke."

looking around at all the dead Azgeda warriors Echo called out "What the hell is going on."

"I'm sorry Echo, but I was attacked by them."

pain flowed through Echo's eyes. She may not agree with the ways of the Queen, but these were still her people and it hurt to see them dead. Especially because it was due to their Queens foolishness and selfishness.

Reality caught up with Lexa all to fast.

"HOW DARE SHE! This is an act of war!"

"Lexa calm down."

"No! I have dealt with her disobedience for the last time. She will pay for her treachery."

Lexa took a look around her.

"Echo and Bellamy, you will stay here with the dead. I will send others to come and collect the bodies. We will light the pyres tomorrow. The rest of you will help me bring Clarke back to camp."

Everyone nodded their heads and Lincoln came over to help Clarke up.

"Wait." Clarke called out and all eyes turned to her.

"My hunt." everyone just gave her a questioning look.

"We need to bring my kill back with us. I don't want other animal to get it."

Octavia crossed her arms in front of her and gave Clarke a pointed look.

"Are you serious right now. Your bleeding all over the place and your worried about your damn kill."

Clarke just shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, ya. I still need to eat."

Octavia just rolled her eyes and looked over at Lexa, who just let out a sigh.

"Very well. Lincoln you go grab Clarke's kill and we will start heading back."

"Sha, Heda." Lincoln said with a nod as he headed in the direction Clarke was pointing. Both Lexa and Octavia helped Clarke up as they made a slow but steady walk back to camp. Lincoln managed to catch up to them just before they reached the camp. Monroe ran ahead to go find Abby while Lexa and Octavia brought Clarke straight to the med bay.

It didn't take long for Abby to arrive. As she saw her daughter her eyes widened in shock. She looked to Lexa but didn't bother with questions. Instead she called for Jackson and went straight to work. After about an hour Clarke was all stitched up and resting. Lexa didn't want to leave Clarke's side but she had important matters to attend to. Lexa briefed Abby and Kane on what happened, and then sent some of her warriors back to Polis to summon a meeting with the ambassadors

"So what does this mean now?"

Lexa's eyes darkened as she looked over at Kane. "War."
After a few more days in Polis the group headed back to TonDC with the promise of returning soon. After much talk with her friends, Clarke decided that they would head to Camp Jaha as soon as they got back to talk to her mother about becoming the thirteenth clan. Raven, Bellamy and the others assured Clarke that she would have their full support and would help show Abby that this is what is best for their people.

After a good nights rest, or as good as it could be with how worried Clarke was, she found herself standing in front of the gates of Camp Jaha. She stood their as herself, as the one who gave everything to her people and walked away, as the one who is still fighting for her people, and she just prayed that her mom would listen to reason. With Niami to her left, Lexa to her right, and her friends at her back, she took a deep breath steadying herself and marched through the gates.

As she walked through the camp everyone stopped and stared at them, with hushed murmurs. Her people weren't stupid and it didn't take long for them to realized that she was the one who stood by Lexa the last time they came to camp. Luckily no one voiced their opinions and let them be, even though it was probably because they were to scared to do so. It didn't take them long to find Abby, who was in the sick bay.

As a soft knock came from the entrance, Abby stopped what she was doing and turned her head, eyes widening in shock.

"Clarke" Abby whispered out as if she was afraid that saying her name would make her disappear.

"Hey mom."

Both women just stood there in silence, neither sure how to make the first move. After a nudge from Octavia, Clarke walked forward and enveloped her mom in a hug, which Abby returned with great force.

" I was hoping we could talk"

"I would love that Clarke" Abby said with a sad smile as she broke the hug to give Clarke a kiss on her forehead.

Abby lead the group back to her quarters so they could sit and have a proper talk.

"So how is everything going back at TonDC? "

before Clarke could answer Lexa spoke up.

"Quite well actually. We are learning a lot for each other, and both our people are getting along. It wasn't easy at first, but with Clarke's aid, we have started working together as one."

Abby just nodded her head at Lexa as she turned her attention to the others.

"So you guys are having no trouble, you are being treated fairly? Being kept safe?"

"Mom!" Clarke shouted as angered flashed in her eyes.

"No need to get upset, I'm just asking a simple question."

Clarke opened her mouth to say something but Lexa just raised her hand silencing her, and turned toward the others.

"Its fine. Please answer the question honestly."

A smirk played across Ravens face. "Don't worry Abby, the only one getting his ass kicked is Bellamy here"

"Hey" Bellamy protested, as Octavia snickered from beside him.

Seeing the worry in Abby's eyes Raven continued.

"But don't worry, I think he just likes having his crush on top of him so much."

"Raven" Bellamy shouted as his ears turned red. This time the whole group of friends burst out laughing.

Abby was happy to see them so care free but it didn't stop the worry. Monty being the voice of reason spoke up.

"We truly are enjoying ourselves. We are learning a lot that will help us survive. We are learning how to grow our own food, how to hunt for food, how to protect ourselves without guns, and how to make tools and weapons. It was a little tense at first, but now we all get along just fine. We even just got back from their capitol. It was an amazing experience. Grounders from all around and from all different types of trades where there, they had houses and a market place. They were kind and welcomed us with smiles."

Abby was a little surprised to hear this, but she understood not everything is as it seems.

"Its true. Working with them, having peace. Its whats best for our people. Before we were at two different ends each trying to do what was best for our own people. But now we have a chance for peace, a chance to join together as allies. To do whats best for both our people." Bellamy said with a smile.

Both Clarke and Lexa smiled at this, happy to know the future they are working for is truly possible after all. Abby looked at every one, smiles on their faces, and realized these children, no these adults were far stronger and wiser then she gave them credit for. She looked to Lexa and saw the pride in her eyes at all that was just said, and no longer felt any anger towards the great commander. After all Abby knows she would of make the same decisions as Lexa if it meant the safely of her people. Its no wonder why Clarke chose to stand by Lexa. After a few minutes of silence Abby spoke up.

"It seems you were right Clarke" When Clarke just looked at her with a raised eyebrow Abby continued. "I have been very narrow minded and rash, always thinking I knew what was best, when it was you who have kept our people alive all this time. I am sorry sweetheart, and I hope we can work together once more."

A smile spread across Clarke's face. "I would love that mom. Thank you."

"Good. Now I'm guessing you came here for more then a reunion."

"Yes there is something Lexa and I would like to discuss with you."

Abby raised her eyebrow at Clarke's words and looked to Lexa.

"Right. Well give me a moment and I will return with Kane."

"Why would we need Kane." Clarke asked with a confused tone.

Abby just smiled as she replied "It seems a few a people pointed out that I was spread to thin and not making decisions with a clear mind. So I asked Kane to take my place a chancellor. He more suited for it then I am. He is all for peace with the grounders, so I'm sure what ever it is you have to say, he will be more then happy to hear."

Clarke nodded her head at her mom, but before she left Lexa spoke up.

"I'm glad to here Kane wishes for peace. From what I have seen from him he is a good man. But I would also like your opinion on the matter."

"Not a problem." Abby gave a nod and left.

It didn't take long for Abby to return with Kane and for the next few hours they went through their plan, everyone having their own opinions on the matter. In the end they came to an agreement and in a few weeks time the Skaikru with Kane as their leader would come to Polis for the initiation into the coalition as the thirteenth clan.
Clarke rolled over, surprised to find the spot next to her empty. She pushed herself up and looked around for Lexa.

"Lexa" she called out. There was no response. So with a sigh Clarke got out of bed and got dressed. She headed to the throne room ready to give Lexa a peace of her mind. Honestly to wake up alone after sleeping together, how dare she.

As Clarke entered the throne room, all previous anger vanished at the sight before her. Lexa was walking around the room while she taught a bunch of children about what it means to be a commander. Her face was so peaceful, with a smile upon her lips and a twinkle in her eyes. The only time Clarke has seen Lexa with a look like that was when she was looking at her.

It didn't take long for Lexa to notice Clarke's presences. She ordered the children to continue their training as she walked over to Clarke.

"Good morning, Clarke"

"Morning Lexa, who are these kids?"

"Their Natblidas. Ones who can become the next commander. When they are found they are sent here for training"

"I see, so this is why you left alone this morning." Clarke turned her head to Lexa with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry Clarke but I had things to attend to and you looked so peaceful. I didn't want to disturb you."

"Well next time I expect a good morning kiss before you leave."

"Glad to know there will be a next time."

A blush covered Clarke's cheeks as she gave Lexa a shove. "Shut up"

Lexa let out a small laugh as she turned her attention back to the Natblidas.

"That's enough training for now, you may leave."

As the the Natblidas headed out Lexa called out to one to stay back.

"Clarke this is Aden. He is the most promising of the Natblidas. If I were to die he would likely succeed me."

"Hello Aden" Clarke reaches out her arm to him as she looks to Lexa.

"Its nice to meet you, but I hope its a many longs years before you become Heda."

"If I become Heda. It is nice to meet you as well." Aden says as her grabs Clarke's outstretched arm.

"That will be all Aden thank you." Aden bows his head to both Lexa and Clarke before leaving.

"He's like a mini you. How adorable."

Lexa turned to Clarke and raised her eyebrow, while Clarke just smiled at her.

"We are meeting the Clan leaders today, so I hope you are ready."

"I'm good to go, unless there is something I should be ready for."

"No, but I am making an announcement today and I'm sure it wont go over well, but no matter I will deal with it."

"Okay" Clarke gives Lexa a questioning look, after all that was a vague answer. "Shall we go then?"


After they finished their morning duties, they headed to were the meeting would take place. As they entered the room, all twelve clan leaders were already there waiting. Lexa took a seat at the head of the table and Clarke stood by her side. All eyes were on Clarke. She came dressed in her cloak, her hair tied back in her braids. But she was sure it was her furry friend that had everyone giving her questioning looks.

It was Nia, Queen of the Azgeda who voiced her thoughts first. "Why have you brought that Sky girl here."

"She is an ally of the Coalition and part of the reason I called this meeting with all the leaders instead of your ambassadors."

Nia chuckled softly "She is no ally, her and her people are nothing more then invaders that need to be taken care of."

Anger flared in Lexa's eyes. "I will hear no more of such talk. We fight for peace not war. The Skaikru are allies and will remain as such."

Lexa looked around the table daring anyone to question her.

"Now for the reason you all are here. As some of you may know the Trikru and the Skaikru have been working together. Learning and teaching each other. Things have been going well and there is a lot we can learn from them. To keep up the good relations with the Skaikru and to keep peace among the clans, they shall be initiated into the coalition as the thirteenth clan."

Whispers broke out among the clan leaders. Lexa waited for the whispers to slow before she spoke again.

"Clarke will be their ambassador and will travel to Camp Jaha to work out negotiations. Once that is complete she will return with their leader and we will hold the initiation ceremony."

Queen Nia stood from her chair "We will not accept this, the Skaikru have no right to be part of the coalition. They have brought nothing but death to our people since arriving on the ground. They should not be accepted simply because you favour this girl." Lexa jaw clenched at this and Nia just smiled as she continued. "You have become weak Heda."

Lexa stood from her chair and was about to respond but Clarke beat her to it.

"If I didn't know better I would say you fear my people Queen Nia."

The Queen turned her head as she narrowed her eyes at Clarke.

" I don't not fear such weak and foolish people"

"You are the fool if you truly believe my people to be weak. Or have you forgotten what we have been able to accomplish in our short time on the ground."

"I have not forgotten Wanheda. As I said you bring nothing but death to these lands."

"Enough." Lexa yelled gaining the attention of the table.

"I understand your concerns, but my decision is final. The Skaikru will make better friends then enemies. The goal of the coalition to to create and maintain peace, I will not start a senseless war because you feel threatened."

"I do not feel threatened."

"Then we have no problems. Have I made myself clear." Lexa looked to each leader waiting for them to nod in acknowledgement.

"Good. We shall discuss more at a later date. Enjoy the rest of your time in Polis."

Lexa rose from her chair and left the room with Clarke right behind her.|\\

They walked in silence until they reached Lexa's room.

"You could of told me what you were planing. This is a big deal."

"I know. I have been thinking this for a while, which is why I was so lenient with your plan. I needed to know your people were willing to work with us, without it benefiting them."

"Okay. I get that, but it still would of been nice to know before going into the meeting."

"I know and I'm sorry. I knew it might not go over well, especially with Nia, and I didn't want you on the defensive. You are better then you think under pressure. I was quite impressed with how you handled yourself against the Queen."

Clarke let out a sigh "You are changing the subject. You can't keep me in the dark Lexa. I understand you are the commander and you answer to no one, but I'm not no one. If we are going to make what ever this is between us work, then you need to be open with me. I need you to trust me."

"I do trust you Clarke. Do you trust me."

Lexa looks into Clarke's eyes and green meets blue. Clarke opens her mouth to answer, to say yes, but nothing comes out. Lexa walks closer to Clarke and lowers herself onto her knees as she looks up at Clarke.

"I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your needs as my own, and your people as my people."

Clarke just stares at Lexa, her heart bursting with love. Clarke reaches out her hand and helps Lexa stand. As Clarke looks into Lexa's eyes she sees them swirl with emotion. Pain, regret, love, and promise. And finally Clarke is whole again. The burden of a leader no longer weighs heavy on her shoulders, the harshness of the earth she has come to know, no longer seems so scary, and the pain in her heart no longer seems to exists. She knows the demons of her past will never really leave her, but with Lexa by her side she has a future that she can look forward to.

Clarke reaches her hand to the back of Lexa's neck and pulls her into a kiss. Its soft and gentle, conveying everything they are feeling in this moment. Clarke breaks the kiss and leans her forehead against Lexa's. As Clarke looks into Lexa's eyes she whispers to her "I trust you, fully and completely."



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